Pages from my old sketchbook

5:43 AM

Today, while de-cluttering the cupboard of ancient yellowed bits of papers, broken old toys, creepy spiders n their cobwebs and those oh-so-clever silverfishes, my mum fished out my squashed old sketchbook (most of the drawings in it are two year old while some date back to 2007). I know its not much but at the time I was lying in bed covered in red itchy patches all over (thanks to that stupid doc who gave me some 'experimental' drugs to treat a simple enough bout of common cold two weeks ago, which in turn gave me a week and a half long of horrible fever, body ache and now this gross allergy thingy. And now I've got heaps and heaps of work to do before the end of these hols and I've haven't been able to even start. Great right? I don't think so.) and I felt quite nostalgic. Anyway, take a look.

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