Final Slumber

11:40 PM

A drop of icy cold
A chill through my body, 
my mind
Spreading everywhere, engulfing
A shiver running down my spine.

The limbs are getting numb
Its slithering through the bones and through my head.
In a way its good
I don't want to feel anyway,
Drifting to sleep crying every night in my pillow
lying cooped up on my bed.
Would like being dead instead.

Let it freeze,
The ugly salt water leaking through the eyes
Let it cease, 
The soreness of my throat
From crying out 'loud
and crying in solace.
Defeated, so tired, 
of losing every race...

Let it gulp me down
all in once
Rather than eating me away
bit by bit
piece by piece
Piercing through 
limb by limb...

Let me lie down for a while
'A while' that lasts till the end of time
To never to wake up again
To never feel again
any joy or pain.

Let me go to sleep now
Everything's getting number
Let me close my eyes and never wake up
From my final slumber...

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