Teddy Diaries II (just for fun)

5:06 AM


It's me, Koochi again. Let me tell you some things about myself (and Appi) today.

Hmm...so, I originally belong to the class 'teddy bears', the scientific name being teddius bearaie. No, I'm not at all, not even remotely, related to the family of polar bears (though I do appear white in colour) or that of grisly bears or of any other kinds of bears.

Nor am I a descendant of Cupid (as people might wrongly conclude from the heart shaped patterns on my fur). These heart-prints were given to me probably by my maker (whoever that crazily absurd person be! I mean hearts! On my beloved snowy white fur! Ugh!).

Well anyway, I belong to this 17 year old girl Appi(I am almost a couple and a half year old now, by the way). She's nice, on the whole, but I seriously don't like being washed with detergents (not good for my delicate skin, you see). 

I would rather prefer a nice shampoo or a mild soap (Johnsons baby soap would do or Dove maybe). She tried washing me with shampoo once and I smelled good, mind you. But apparently I didn't get clean enough. Plus, Appi's mum didn't like my using her shampoo (huh, jealous probably, of my soft fur).

Though she's my owner, I consider Appi more as my friend rather than my master. Well, she considers me as her friend (her best friend, ha!). She never kicks me or punches me, but she sure does crush me half to death whenever she hugs me (which is, atleast 20 times a day!).

She makes me wear funny clothes though (or normal clothes in some funny way), and clicks pictures of me. Being highly camera conscious, I keep blushing all the time with the lens focused at my face (but I don't think she notices it, 'cause my cheeks are always red, thanks to the two very prominent hearts etched there).

She's so serious at times, I get totally freaked out (what if she decides to wash me in the washing machine the next time?! Oh *shivers*). And at times, she's so crazy like hell (which is when I come in handy as a lab rat obviously). But mostly she's just a mixture of both.

Oh! Here she comes yawning  If she finds out I've been using her facebook account for playing Farmville (and, well, writing all this)...oh no, she might change the password (then I'll have to sneak up on her again to see the new one!). I'm logging out now. Shh...don't tell her okay (or I won't be able to harvest my virtual crops and they'll wither!). Bye for now! :P

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