3:01 AM

When I opened my eyes
for the first time ever

And looked around,

ecstatic, with a slight shiver

I found I couldn't breathe

[well, I'm not supposed to, anyway],
For she was holding me tight,
Crushing me to her chest,
Whispering in my floppy round ears
'Koochi...Koochi...that's your name...'
'No, it's Gobari!', snickered her brother
But to me it's all the same. 

She stuck out her tongue at him
And cradled me in her arms
Kissed my cheeks lightly
That felt sweet and somewhat warm.

Hours turned to days
and days dissolved into months
Two years have passed now, two whole years
Since the day she sew me up,
bestowing me with a new life, a new birth.

I sleep by her side
Watching her childish face
Silently, breathing in the innocence
And [though this is quite uncomfortable]
sometimes getting flattened by her weight!
As she turns in her sleep
lost in dreams
Knocking the breath out of me
[ahem...just a phrase]
Rolling over, making me a pillow it seems.

Sometimes, helpless,
I watch her cry
Tear after tear, 
leaking through those eyes
Hastily she wipes them off
muttering 'stupid...stupid...stop'
And lifts me up, from where I sit
Unable to do anything, stupid bear,
lifeless, [shit!].

She hugs me tight
and tighter,
I don't mind it at all
'Don't be sad baby', 
she murmurs then, 
tracing her fingers along my cheeks
wiping the non-existent wetness
out of my eyes
'shh...I'm here don't worry...chill',
she whispers,
through her own muffled cries.

And when alone
she talks to me

Wondering this and that,
Asking me questions in her head
and then -- 'Oh well...I forgot you don't 
like to speak Koochi...hmm...yeah,
that idea's not so bad!'
She's talking to herself
or talking to me?
[No idea!]
What's the difference anyway,
whatever it be.

She sings sometimes
and dances too
Shy though she is
I'm the only audience she prefers,
else sneaks away from view.

'Oye weird girl, I love you!', I say
But she doesn't seem to hear
Oh well... [sigh]
Of course she wouldn't
I'm Koochi, her teddy bear.

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