TEDDY AND THE BAG (a short story)

3:41 AM

This is the story of a little teddy called Teddy...

Once upon a time, Teddy was wandering from one Sofa-Kingdom to another, jumping up and down and wondering which sofa-land to play 'house' on, with his favorite toy Bunny, when lo and behold! Teddy saw a huge mysterious black figure looming in front of him on the Sofa-Kingdom of far-far-away...On a closer look, Teddy found the huge black figure to be a bag!

"Oh, look! Such a big bag!" He said, astonished...

Unable to contain his curiosity Teddy peeked inside the bag.

Ooh, I wonder what's in the bag, he thought to himself. Maybe there're chocolates in there, or Chilli-Potatoes! Umm hmm, I just hope there's no Capsicum there eew...

But the bag held no such things. No chocolates or chilli-potatoes and no Capsicum (thank God!) either. The bag was full of old books, their pages fluffy and slightly damp with age and late-monsoon moisture...

"Oh, this is spacious!" Teddy said, and jumped inside...

The bag, with the fluffy old books inside felt like a soft cushion-y cradle to Teddy. He lay cuddled in it for exactly four point nine seven minutes before he remembered that he was supposed to be looking for a nice sofa-land in the Sofa-Kingdoms to play and not be lazing around like this.

So, reluctantly Teddy decided to climb out of the warmth and 
safety of the bag to resume his search...

"Oh no!" Teddy exclaimed. "Let me go!" 
Somehow the bag had caught hold of Teddy's foot and was not letting go!

" Let me go you stupid bag!"

Teddy pulled his foot again and jumped out...

But Teddy was now angry. Very angry.

"Grr...How dare you mess with me The Teddy, you bad bag." He said.

 "Now you pay for it! Huh!"

"Grabbing my foot eh? Trying to trip me. Grr.."

Teddy punched the bag --


He kicked the bag --


Then he pulled the bag all the way down from
 the Sofa-Kingdom of Far-Far-Away 
down to the Floor-Dungeons 
of No-Man's-Land between the
 cluster of Sofa-Kingdoms...

And then --

"Yanna rascala!"


"Hu ha ha ha! Now it's time to pay, you bad bag!
Hu ha ha..!"

"Here! Take this you stupid bag!"

"Gonna pull my leg again? No? Say sorry!"
The notorious black bag apologised.
"That's like a good bag." Said Teddy, grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire cat.

"Oh poor bag..." Teddy said. "Maybe I kicked you too hard. Don't cry bag. Let's be friends, okay. Don't cry now."
The bag stopped crying and smiled at little Teddy.

"Here - uh - let's get you back to the Sofa-Kingdom of Far-Far-Away now, shall we..."

Teddy pushed the bag all the way back up to the Sofa-Kingdom of Far-Far-Away...

"Eh, you're so heavy, Bag. You should start dieting, you know."

"Huh, finally we're here!"

"From this day on, you'll be my dear friend Bag. 
Teddy and Bag like Jai and Veeru, you know. 
Our friendship will be legendary..."

"Come Bag, let's search for a nice sofa-land to play on, together..."

And so, from then on, Teddy and the bag became friends and played together --
-- and yeah (the classic one) --
Everyone lived happily ever after. ^_^


Written and Directed by
Aparna Singh

Crappy photography (phone cam) by
Aparna Singh

~ Teddy And The Bag ~

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