Come see me a little less

4:43 AM

You stick to me as if 
you have no one else to be with,
You cling to my heart
like you haven't any place else to go,
You smile at me
arms spread wide
Ever ready 
to grasp my hand
And hold on,
hold on.

You are
everywhere I go
Strolling lazily by my side,
my shadow.
Sometimes concealed,
Stealthing nonetheless along
As if not to tell
But prove that I'm wrong.

I try hiding
And I run
But I guess, you and I
are bound by some unseen contract,
a pact
'Never to part'
Never let go'
Let me tell you one thing though
I never feared you
And am not scared now
It's a thing called 'hatred'
that I have for you,
(I'll tell you why
I'll tell you how)
For you're the one
the only one
Who hugs me tight
who holds my hand
when I fall.
You're the one 
the only one
who calls my name
who reaches out, finds me
when I'm lost.

You accompany jealousy,
tears and scars,
Raging battles in my head
Fueling war after war
You rise inside me,
a slithering snake
Lulling me slowly to sleep
Yet throbbing,
You keep me awake.

I wonder whether you'll go away
If...when...I die
'Together forever, darling'
You whisper back
Your thin, silent lips
toying a smile.
'At least come and see me
a little less,
Wouldn't that suffice?'

With a tiny shrug
Pain, turns on his heels
Those sad dark pupils, 
gleaming with malice.

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