Review: The Prince's New Pet

1:23 AM

I recieved this book today and the moment I tore open the packaging I fell in love with it. I couldn't resist  turning the pages and finishing the story once I started reading. The beautiful illustrations just drew me in and held me there.

The story goes like this...
There's a little Prince Viridian who lives in a kingdom where all color has been banned by King Cerulean, the Prince's father, to mourn his dead wife.
It was Viridian's birthday and amidst the dull boring party of everything gray, a crate falls on the gray birthday cake and out leaps the Wooglefoof - a furry colorful - well something (I don't know what animal has rainbow colored fur). Then begins the chase - the royal color catcher (the bad guy) / the little prince, try to kill/save the Wooglefoof.
In the end, the bad guy falls down the dungeons and accidentally lights up the fire crackers thrown down there long ago with paint cans and everything color. And it rains color all over the kingdom returning the hues and smiles to everything that had turned gray. The King re-marries (a crazy roayl painter) and Viridian gets to keep his little pet.
And my favorite part - they all live happily ever after :)

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