Teddy's New House

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Once upon a time, on teddy’s third birthday, 
little Teddy decided he was now old enough to live in his own house. 

 “Me big teddy now. Me want new house.” Said Teddy.

So Teddy decided to hire an architect to build a beautiful new house for him. He went to Mr. Mendak, who was the best architect in whole Sofa-land and an old friend of Teddy.

“Hello Mr. Mendak, will u make a beautiful new house for me?” asked Teddy

“Yes of course Teddy. Anything for my dear friend.” Mr. Mendak replied. “And I will give you a discount.”


“Yes Teddy.” said Mr. Mendak, a sly grin playing on his slimey lips. “I will only take ten coins from you since you’re my friend. I normally charge twenty coins, you know.”

Mr. Mendak was lying. He made houses for people for eight coins, and was trying to fool little good Teddy. But he didn’t know that little Teddy had no money at all.

“But me has no money Mr. Mendak. Can’t you make me a house for free?’

Mr. Mendak laughed a laugh so evil, Teddy had goosebumps all over his fur.

 “No!” Mr. Mendak croaked.

A sad Teddy walked all the way from one sofa to the next in hope of finding an architect who would build a house for him for free. But none agreed…

Teddy:  Pleeeease Mr. Clayhead…?

Clayhead: Eh?

Clayhead: No.

Teddy: Pleeeese  Miss Kitty…?
Kitty: Go away kid…

Teddy: Pleeeese Mr. Vampire…?
Cullen: Eh…I’m thirsty…for your blood…I like grisly bears…
Teddy: Its okay Mr. Vampire. I don’t have blood, I have cotton. Pleeeease make a house for me?
Cullen: Uh…okay dude…*sparkle* *sparkle*
Teddy: … Oh…never mind.

Dissapointed, Teddy  grew very sad...

“Aain hain…*sob* no one will build a house for me. Uaaaan…”

“I will.” Came a squeaky little voice.

 “What? Who is it?”

“Hi! Me is Mr.Bunny Orange. You can call me Bunny, my friend…
I will make a beautiful new house for you. Free!”


“Yes. Come tomorrow and get your beautiful new house, my friend.”
“Yay!” Teddy was very happy.

So the next day, Teddy went to the Table-land where he had met Bunny yesterday, to see his new house. And what a beautiful house it was…

A beautiful cozy front porch…

An entrance covered with fragrant flowers…

With a nice little terrace and pretty little planters and a garden too…

What more could our little Teddy ask for…

The house was exactly how Teddy had wanted it to be…
…except for one tiny little problem…

“Oh no! The house is too small…” said Teddy.

“No no Teddy, its just perfect.” Said Bunny, standing  on the Terrace. “You are too big. I made this house refering to neuferts standards and you are not a standard person dear Teddy. You are too big…”

“Oh…” Thought Teddy.
“Maybe you are right Bunny.” He said, happy again. “Me can live in the big big garden and you can sit on the Terrace. And we play together!”

So that’s when Teddy and Bunny became best friends (and Bunny told Teddy that Bunny was not an architect, but had borrowed Appy’s copy of neuferts standards and made the house for Teddy!)

And so, once again, everyone lived happily ever after…

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