Let the lines work their magic

9:00 AM

Every line speaks of a certain mood that you set when you draw. Each type of line has a different impact. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal...each line has an identity of its own and conveys a different meaning to the viewer.

Be it in Art or Photography, lines are very powerful elements in any picture and if done well, with a little practice and observation, can allow you to set the desired mood as well as draw the viewer's eye into your picture and lead it to where you want the focus to be. With the lines setting the mood and leading a person's eye subconsciously to journey through your picture, go where ever you want it to go, see what you want it to see, perceive what you wish to depict and then land on a certain point of focus as the finale, doesn't it sound too good to affect someone in such a powerful way? You can make people travel within your picture, amaze or shock them, soothe or leave them in awe. 

That's the power of lines. Observe. Let them lead. Watch them work their magic. 

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