Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth

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Our creator, Mother Nature has made us so perfect and as evident by the things she has created around us, she has done it with great love. The only thing we need to do is to understand and accept these natural ‘gifts’. And it is only us who have been given the intelligence to recognize these gifts and make our lives better by utilizing them. For someone we love dearly, more than our own selves, we know she has to be nurtured with great care for her to grow well. 

Ayurveda is that ancient and divine knowledge brought to us by our sages, to keep us healthy and away from problems which hinder our growth in any way. The best ways yet known to live a long, blissful and healthy life have been described, the problems with their solutions using the ‘natural gifts’, in Ayurveda.

Unfortunately, today this knowledge is not very much acknowledged, or even worse not understood by most of the people. There has been nothing close to the solutions, or say the ‘ayurvedic medicines’ that Ayurveda has provided with in terms of therapeutic index. After all, who can outperform the gods?

Still it is on our intelligence how we make the best use of nature, and thus Ayurveda, since it is all about nature. Being a person having average knowledge, but great interest in human body I cannot tell you any methods for growth, but yes, I can share my experience with you:

When I was younger, I used to be the tallest girl in my class. Though my parents were of average height, I had no clue why I was the tallest. My parents never were clear about this since they themselves didn't know much. Soon I had the good news of having a younger brother. I remember people gifting all kinds of things to my parents those days. As both my parents were working, my grandmother stayed with us to take care of me and my brother. That was the time when I found my answer. It was her affection and care which made me proud of my body. I noticed her giving massage every morning to my brother. She then told me how she used to do the same for me. Also, she said that she used to prepare a special oil for me. Now, she was using Dabur Lal Tail, that she said was a formula similar to what she and our family has been using since generations for the best growth and nourishment of babies. She also told me how I used to get compliments about my speedy growth just like I saw my baby brother getting them from all our relatives.
Though such good ayurvedic formulas have been forgotten by the newer generations with time, thanks to DABUR, we have been able to get the best of nature, unlike the artificial and synthetic products, which have very less to offer, and also harm our bodies in the long run.

As per my experience, the natural ingredients and the ayurvedic formula in Dabur Lal Tail has a profound effect on the early development and growth of a child. Obviously, no mother would like to give her baby the side effects of harsh chemicals that artificial baby products have to offer. What's better than nature's care itself? Only the right product, which I find to be Dabur Lal Tail is what I would ever recommend to any mother, and yes, as I shared, it does have a great positive impact on the child, in all ways.

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