2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge

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2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge

      I have a huge pile of to-be-reviewed books staring at me, looking all glum, asking me to finish reading them already. ARCs and other books I've received from authors/publishers, some through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers Programme , some through Goodreads First Reads and a few I've requested through NetGalley. 

      Between doing my architectural thesis, preparing a final portfolio of all my work done in the previous four years of my college life, and trying to find a few hours here and there to sneak in some sleep once every twenty four hours, I have been trying to do some justice to these awesome creations of mankind. I mean, yes, sleep is necessary, but I need to read to retain whatever's left of my sanity (apparently, you don't have too much left once you start loving architecture). 

      So, anyway, getting back to my review pile. There's this awesome Review Pile Reading Challenge I stumbled upon today, that I feel I have to join. Oh, wait. I just did. Yay!

      The challenge is being sponsored by the book bloggers at Fiktshun and Phantasmic Reads. I don't know what level I should aim for just yet. Will update that as we move along. 

I'll be listing the books here as I start reading and finish them:

1.  TaleSpins (TaleSpins #1-3) by Michael Mullin

2.  Zombies Don't Surrender by Rusty Fischer 

3.  The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corasanti
Happy Reading!

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