ARC Review: Zombies Don't Surrender by Rusty Fischer *4/10 Stars*

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Zombies Don't Surrender (Living Dead Love Story #3)

by Rusty Fischer

Page Count: 352
Release Date: April 15th 2014
Medallion Press

Source: I received an ARC of this book as part of LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers Program 
My Rating: 4/10 Stars

Summary (Goodreads)

As the final volume in the Living Dead Love Stories opens, Maddy, Dane, and Stamp are still together, though barely, nestled safely inside the walls of Sentinel City, a stronghold designed to keep Zerkers out—and zombies in.

Maddy trains night and day, hoping to join Vera as a Keeper. Dane has been given Sentinel Support in the form a busty blonde named Courtney. And what of Stamp? Although Maddy’s dad has worked hard to rehabilitate him after his Zerker bite, he’s still not all . . . there.

When Dr. Swift inadvertently allows the zombies’ archenemy, Val, to escape from Sentinel City, Maddy’s world turns upside down. She and Stamp are Vanished—expelled from the safety of Sentinel City, no better than common Zerkers. Dane, a Sentinel now, escapes punishment and is assigned to ensure that his old friends never return.

As Maddy and Stamp stray from the safety of Sentinel City, danger mounts . . . and not just for them. Val has taken up residence in a seaside town and enrolled in another Normal high school. To outwit her and save Seagull Shores from all-out zombie Armageddon, Maddy must face her archenemy once again.

Only this time, she’s all alone . . .

Previous two books in the series:
Zombies Don't Surrender (A Living Dead Love Story)

      I have mostly avoided the ‘zombie romance’ genre as I was unable to digest the concept of zombies as romantic figures. I thought this time maybe, why not give it a shot? I mean, I do like zombie stories and movies too, in a kill-them-dead-people kind of way, like World War-Z (THAT was one hell of a movie! I’m yet to read/listen to the book though). 

      A while ago, I saw (and read) Warm Bodies, also a Zombie romance story. I found it sort of cute actually. I would have given it four stars if not for the fact that the protagonist Zombie eats the lead girl’s boyfriend’s brains and gets all his memories (and hence falls in love with her), then kidnaps her and the girl (perfectly human) falls in love with him too – the Zombie who ate her boyfriend a couple of days ago. Except from this ‘little’ fact constantly poking at the inside of my skull, I did enjoy it quite a bit.

      But unfortunately, I don’t think I can ever picture the dead/undead yellow-eyed Z-Creatures as some romantic characters. That being said, I did not like the concept of making brains (the zombie food) into brain nuggets, brain smoothie, and what not. I didn't care about the fictional post-apocalyptic world or the characters any more at the beginning than at the end. I am, in general, a sucker for all things dystopian. Just not this one. I found the book plain boring and lost interest pretty much before I even developed any. 

      Also, as in the previous book, Zombies Don't Forgive, there were a number of continuity errors which did not make sense. I found the protagonist Maddie to be generally unlikable. The narration wasn’t as bad though. All in all, I would recommend Zombies Don’t Surrender to those who are okay with the whole Zombie romance thing. If you can digest that, it can be an okay read for you, otherwise I don’t think so. 

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