Limited Edition 'Little Zebra Leggings' ~ 24 Hour Sale & Exclusive DDE Coupon!

11:49 AM

Remember 'Doppler effect' Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory Season One? That was one of my favorite episodes from TBBT. This exclusive, One Day Limited Edition Sale on reminds me of that!

Anyway, jokes aside, do you have a classic/versatile item in your wardrobe that can highlight most of your casual outfits this summer? A pretty white top, those classy pair of sneakers, a soft light scarf to shade you from the summer sun, or your favorite versatile pair of leggings. I'm sure you do. I love my classic black leggings (and the navy ones, and white, and those green ones, not to forget the orange and maroon ones!). I just can't have enough pairs of leggings. What about you? Would you like a new versatile pair for your summer wardrobe?

How about these Little Zebra Leggings?  These Zebra leggings with vertical black and white stripes naturally make your legs look leaner and longer! Also, they have been upgraded a lot as compared to the last year's collection.

Get more details HERE.

There's going to be a One Day Only sale for these leggings on April 24, where you can get a pair for $15.99 (originally $24.99), and save 36%

Plus, exclusively for Doodles, doodles everywhere readers, there's an additional 10% discount! Cool, right? 

DDE readers, just use the coupon code: 10%offleggings 
to get an additional 10% off on your purchase of these leggings on 24th April.

The Little Zebra Leggings Collection is in limited supply and the sale lasts for 24 hours only. 

Get yours here: Little Zebra Leggings

Happy shopping everyone! 

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