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Wishing for a Parallel World 

by Arriah Kiprujistho

Page count: 392
Published: March 28, 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Genre: YA/Paranormal Romance

Wishing for a Parallel World is the story of a world and a world beyond... a parallel world.

On one side, these celebrities are living in a limelight struggling between two different lives, reel and real. On the other side, these six friends are living their peaceful and extraordinary life far away from the limelight. But one incident brings those two sides together and then the journey of true relationships, true friendship and true love begins...

Story of two different lives, which have only one thing in common between them... their world.

What is the reality of those two worlds?
What destiny has decided for them?
Will reality change everything?
Will Friends remain Forever?
Will Love find it's way back to Love?

About the author

Arriah Kiprujistho is working with a multinational company as a consultant. An avid reader who is also an interior designer, pianist and guitarist. Writing being one of her hobbies, she wants to focus on it further. She has written her first novel, "Wishing for a Parallel World" and other one is in process, "Those were not love letters but still I fell in Love".
Her hobbies include:
Reading and Writing
Learning music especially piano and guitar
Learning about different cultures.
Painting and sketching
She values "Work Life Balance" and motivates others to value the same.


  • Three (3) winners will receive ebook copies of Wishing for a Parallel World by Arriah Kiprujistho.
  • Open internationally.

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