My Shopping Experience & Product Review ~ (Part One)

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Hello everyone! How's the summer going for you? It sure is hot here in New Delhi. I just got some free time on my hands now and all I prefer to do is stay indoors! Read/Sleep/Eat (and blog). I can laze around all day and do nothing at all if given a choice (just don't ask me to go out in the scorching heat for god's sake!). 

So, a while ago I was contacted by a representative from requesting for a review of their products (I could choose the products as long as they were under a certain price limit). I though, why not? Now, after reading (a lot of) fellow bloggers' reviews and shopping experiences from this one and similar websites, I came to know that not many have had positive experiences when buying clothes. But it seemed like jewelry, accessories, bags and shoes are fine (in fact pretty good!). Plus I don't buy clothes online. At all. I need to see the exact color and get a feel of the fabric material (and try it on for the exact sizing) to be satisfied enough to buy the clothing item. Bags, jewelry and accessories though, I mostly buy online. 

Anyway, I went ahead and chose ten jewelry pieces (what can I say, I'm a jewelry hoarder). Plus all jewelry items (and makeup stuff and scarves) are free shipping! Reviewing all ten in a single post will make the post too long and I really don't wish to bore the DDE readers to death, so I'll do it in two parts. Here goes 'Part One'.

The first item I got is this faux leather bracelet. 
 Yes! That's the Deathly Hallows Symbol! 
And the Golden Snitch and owls too!

The color, the material and the detailing are all perfect. I had to get it! It fits my wrist well and the length is adjustable (in case someone has very thick wrists). The clasps, cords and pieces were securely attached. I'm very happy with this bracelet.
Get it here >> Harry Potter Bracelet

They come in a pair (you can keep one and gift the other to someone special). The four leaf clover inside each clear plastic pendant is an actual real clover! It looks like the leaf got frozen in a large water droplet. There are no bubbles or such defects, they're absolutely clear. The overall quality is pretty good and the attached chains are nice too. 
Get it here >> Four Leaf Clover Pendants

It's an earpiece that comes in a single piece and not a pair. It's for pierced ear only (can't be worn as a clip-on) which is fine by me. It has a vintage, worn out look that I like quite a lot.

I was a bit skeptical about this earpiece though. And maybe I was right after all. It's a tad small for my ear (I have normal/smallish ears and it seems to have been made for super tiny ear). The finishing on this one isn't that great either, and the metal is poor quality as well (it bent quite easily at the slightest pressure). I can say it's my least favorite item of the lot.
Get it here >> Gothic Dragon Earring

This pretty rose gold colored earclip also comes in single piece and not a pair, and you don't need a pierced ear to rock it. It looks super cute on and I regret not having ordered another one to make a pair. The metal is sturdy, the clips adjustable (bendable) and the earpiece itself is of good quality. Big or small, the size of your ear isn't an issue. I think I'll get another one now.
Get it here >> Flowery Clip-on Earring

This set of rings are one of my favorites out of the lot.

The quality and finish is so good and they look very elegant on. At first I thought that's a couple of deer but found out from the product description that they are actually bunnies. Nonetheless, I love this set.
Get it here >> Chic Bunny Ring Set

The last item for this post is this pair of cute butterfly earrings. Those are fake pearls and the earrings feel super light when worn. The quality and detailing is okay (not perfect really). But they look very cute on and can go with almost any outfit, casual or formal. The only issue with these is the polish on the fake pearls might wear off soon (hasn't started to wear off yet though).
Get it here >> Butterfly Pearl Earrings

Just wait a little bit for Part Two of the review for the remaining four items (I saved the best for last...ha ha!), and some tips to get the best out of shopping online from wholesale websites such as

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. But the views & opinions shared in it are entirely of my own.

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