My Shopping Experience & Product Review ~ (Part Two)

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Out of the ten jewelry items I recieved, six have been reviewed in the previous post and the remaining four, I'll be reviewing below. Here we go.

This vintage rusty looking fox ring is just adorable. It's pretty solid too! 
Believe me, I know (so does my hammer). 
Vintage Fox Ring | $1.20

I love everything about this ring. The color, the detailing, the size (fits most of my chubby fingers well). The only sad part is that mine got squashed pretty bad probably during shipping (they won't send me a squashed ring knowingly I suppose). I had to hammer it *bang* *bang* *bang* a lot to get it to a wearable shape (you can see the slightly bent part in the pictures). Other than that, its a perfect vintage piece for my collection.
Get it here >> Vintage Fox Ring

This is something I fell in love with at first sight! 
It's a sweater chain with a roughly 2.5" long metal robot figure with fake diamond eyes. 

The pendant is pretty heavy though, but way too adorable. I wore it once and couldn't stop myself from playing with it all the time. The built quality and details (eyes, mouth and all movable parts) are pretty neat too. This is probably my favorite item from the whole lot.

He just loves posing for pictures!

Yes, that's a Mockingjay Pendant! I was quite surprised with the look and feel of the pendant. I didn't expect it to be this good (since it's so cheap). The detailing and finishing is very well done. It's not very heavy but of a comfortable weight. The silver color doesn't look cheap at all either but very elegant. Needless to say, any Hunger Games fan would love to get one. It's also available in gold color but I liked the silver one better.

And the last item I got *drumrolls*
OMG It's the Time Turner!!!

I'm sorry, I don't usually act this girly and go all OMG over a piece of jewelry, 
BUT its the Time Turner!!!

It's an extremely good replica of the one used in the Harry Potter movie (Prisoner of Azkaban). The pieces gyrate like they should, the clear sand hour glass at the centre is made of clear glass and not plastic. The rings have the inscription engraved on them too!

"I mark the hours every one, nor have I yet outrun the sun, 
my use and value unto you are gauged by what you have to do."


As for the make and quality of the piece, the inner circles on mine didn't really fit 'perfectly' together, they were a little bit off. But that's a defect you won't really notice unless you inspect the pendant too closely. Apart from that, the engraved words, the gold color and the overall look and feel is quite nice (extremely good for a Harry Potter collectible with such a low price). And I wouldn't care about a little defect on my piece since... 
(sorry, I can't stop saying this)
it's The Time Turner!!!


The Website

The site is quite easy to navigate and the items are well categorized. There are categories and within those categories, and you have the option to sort the categories further by price, reviews, new arrivals, hot selling etc. I would recommend s sorting them through reviews or by price. 


The quality of each item varies, I can't say about other type of items just yet, but jewelries and accessories seem to be the safest option. Plus these have free shipping as well. The price that you pay is well worth the item. Do refer to the item description and measurements so you can have an accurate idea of the material of the item and the actual size. Also, "free size" or "one size fits all" does not really fit "all". It mostly fits a size small to medium but most probably small.

Customer Service

They lack potential in this area but they are friendly and do give correct information. There's quite a bit of communication gap because of the language difference. Also, they might respond in a week to the emails and their live chat is a bit confusing as well. It's better to just submit an online 'ticket' instead of mailing them personally. 


The shipping part might take much more time than what people today are patient for. If all the items you ordered are in stock, they get shipped somewhere between 24hours to one week (mine were all in stock and ready so I got the 'items shipped' confirmation e-mail after one day). The actual shipping took a total of three weeks (including weekends and holidays) after the items were shipped. I had to be really patient waiting for the delivery.

The Packaging

I don't know how the clothes are wrapped, but the jewelry pieces were all wrapped in their own plastic wrappers, then all of them put together in a bigger plastic bag, then that was inside a bubble wrap envelope, and finally this also was fitted into a bigger, second bubble wrap package. Apart from that one squashed fox ring, all of the other jewelry items were intact and well. I should say the packaging was pretty good.

My overall shopping experience with sammydress was actually good. I was pretty cautious and read a lot of reviews before ordering, so I guess I atleast knew what not to buy (even as a free sample for review). I also used a 10% off coupon code and the S-points I had in my account (it's gift points you get for various activities like signing up for the first time, writing reviews, etc., which you can later use at checkout to get a few dollars worth of discount on your overall purchase). If you're careful enough and shop smart, then it's a pretty good online store to do some shopping at really cheap wholesale prices. 

If you like some of the items they have, give it a try and see for yourself. Here are some tips to make your shopping experience with better and to save more on your purchase: 

1. There are always a few coupon codes available (10% off, 20% off, at times even 50% off). They're generally not displayed on the website, but just google it and you'll fine one suitable for you.

2. Do use your S points. You get 200 s-points just for signing up (that's $2 worth of additional discount you can redeem).

3. BEFORE paying, go to the 'live chat' and ask the salesperson about each item you intend to order, whether that exact item is currently in stock or not. This seems like too much of a hassle if you're getting, say 10 jewelry pieces like I did, but believe me it will save you from getting a lot of headache AFTER paying for the lot and waiting for two weeks for a shipping confirmation mail, only to find out two of the ten items you ordered will not be in stock until after a month later. So you can wait for a month for the items to be shipped then another half month for them to be delivered, or ask for a full or partial refund (which doesn't go well in many cases as per the many other reviews I've read). So, be smart. Be safe. And get a hassle free shopping experience at dirt-cheap prices.

4. ALWAYS read the item description and measurements very carefully. So you know what exact color, size and material you are ordering.

5. ALWAYS pay with paypal. It's the best option there is to be safe, just in case you want a refund for some reason. It's better to be safe.

6. After your items have been shipped and everything has been confirmed, be patient. Be very very patient. 

7. Once you get your items, enjoy! Or dance the crazy dance that I did as soon as I saw the Time Turner!!!

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. But the views & opinions shared in it are entirely of my own.

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