The Guardians Universe by Robert Gill ~ Spotlight

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The Guardians Universe

by Robert Gill

Genre: YA action/Fantasy
Published: March 27th 2014 
Published by: Self published (Smashwords)

Eleven-year-old Kwon Kiwambe rushes home after an earth-rumbling explosion comes from the ranch where he and his grandfather lives. When he gets there he finds half of the ranch replaced by a crater and his grandfather lying at the bottom with knives in him. Beside his grandfather’s body is a medallion with a strange design that Kwon has never seen before. So Kwon embarks on a journey through Africa to find Mt. Embor, hoping to find his grandfather’s old friend that he’s heard so much about and maybe find out who might want to take the life of a man who never even had a person speak negatively about him.

The first person he meets is Zembok, a twelve-year-old troll who, after Kwon continues his journey, witnesses his own grandfather’s death by the hands of a knife-wielding psycho wearing a weird outfit, who leaves behind a similar medallion and acknowledges Zembok’s vow for revenge. The young troll goes to find Mt. Embor so he can get his own answers.

Further in the journey, Kwon finds out that over twenty years ago, he and Zembok’s grandfathers were part of a heroic group of super fighters called the Guardians. Now, a half-human, half-demon named Kizm has sent the knife-wielding psycho to eliminate the remaining Guardians and help him forcibly create his own sovereign nation. But while Kwon is seeking closure, his destiny is opening wide.

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