Book Project Spotlight | Rotten Little Things by Bryan McIntyre

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Rotten Little Things

by Bryan McIntyre

Rotten Little Things is a picture book about a little town and what happens when a creepy old codger moves in and turns its pint sized citizens into adorable,
candy-starved zombies!

The Art

The approach to the artwork in this book is completely unique in that all elements the of Rotten Little Things world are hand-crafted, one detail at a time, by Laika / Boxtrolls* alum Bryan McIntyre.  Think of it as a stop-motion production...without the motion

The Story

The story is a kitschy and entertaining tale told as a narrative sonnet, written in memorable iambic pentameter.

Kickstarter has ended 

but you can still watch the video

Kickstarter has ended

'PHASE 2' has Begun!

"THANKS and LOVE to all those who contributed to the Rotten Little Things kickstarter
and to those who supported with
numerous social media shares!

Sadly, we did not meet our financial goal
- but it wasn't entirely unexpected.
The goal was incredibly ambitious and I still see it as a success in many ways.

Kickstarter may be done, but I am not!" - Bryan

Visit the website to find out more and be a part of this amazing project:

Rotten Little Things

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