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To Have And To Holdby Trae Stratton 

Happy endings do exist...
... If you’re brave enough to believe in them.

In “To Have and To Hold,” Trae Stratton takes the reader on a rare journey. The plot is anchored to Colin MacLann’s wedding, but by writing almost exclusively from the point of view of the groom and his family, he turns a simple love story into an endearing family saga as well. Colin is a favorite son of the 1980’s: he’s smart, athletic, has a voice for rock ’n’ roll and lots of luck. He’s got girlfriends too, five of them, and through the deft use of flashbacks we learn how each of them burst into his life at different times to inspire him in their own unique way. More often than not they break his heart too. Still, fate has chosen one of them to be his soulmate- but will Colin become the man he’s meant to be in time to meet her at the altar or must destiny deliver someone else? As the hour of the wedding draws near, the witty dialogue keeps the plot moving at a crisp pace while slyly preserving the identity of the bride until the final chapter.  Who is under the veil? Cara, Tessa, Cindy, Monique or Haley? Whether you enjoy mysteries, happy endings or both, you’ll have as much fun finding out who shows up at the church as you will deciding afterward if the bride is fate’s choice or destiny’s. RSVP yes to this wedding day read and the MacLann family will work their way into your heart for a long time to come.

About the author

Trae was born and raised in Queens, New York. After 20 years with the NYPD he retired to fill an urgent vacancy at home: Mr. Mom. He has always enjoyed writing and continues to outwit the forces of nature and temptation to make time at the keyboard. In his debut novel, “To Have and To Hold,” Trae puts his law enforcement expertise to good use by layering a subtle bridal mystery beneath a charming family drama. It’s a story he hopes will remind those who need it that yes, we did have a lot of fun “yesterday” when your neighborhood could be your whole world, and that happy endings do exist if you’re brave enough to believe in them. On his website Trae indulges in one of his favorite passions: Doctor Who; with an original story in which the Doctor (as played by Matt Smith) teams up with Disney’s feistiest fairy: Tinker Bell, on an adventure to save the Second Star to the Right. Up next is some YA fiction that features one of mythology’s most beloved animals: unicorns, to be dedicated to his daughter.


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