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Hi everyone! 

Today on DDE, I'm reviewing this impossibly adorable Kawaii Subscription Box, that I received from the marketing team at Blippo for an unbiased review. 

Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription from Blippo that sends you a selection of 10 to 12 hand picked kawaii items per box from Japan and Korea, with free shipping worldwide. I am a huge anime, J-Drama and K-Drama fan (Seriously. 100% Crazy), so the Kawaii Box already had me drooling before I even tore open the packaging.

The Kawaii Box | $18.90

Here is a full list of items included in this Kawaii Box:
Watermelon soft purse
Nail stickers
Macaroon charm
Panda Plush charm
Kumamon Plush charm
Cupcake ring
Korean stationery set
Rilakkuma Aloha note papers
Letter set with cute animals
Kracie DIY candy kit
Giraffe leather keychain

Scattered above are the eleven adorable Japanese and Korean kawaii items from Kracie DIY candy to Kumamon charm. Eeep!

Watermelon Soft Purse
I've already started using it. It's really handy for keeping my earphones and pendrive in. Soft, useful and real cute to look at.

 Nail Art Stickers
I haven't yet, but soon will put them to good use. Soon my friend, soon.

Macaroon charm
Another fun item I got is this macaroon charm, it's about three centimeters in diameter, but quite heavy for it's size. The three little rhinestones in the squishy white cream add a nice girly bling to it.

 My first instinct was to try smelling it, since my previous experiences with cute rubber charms were of candy-scented goodness. But nope. It's not scented, and the smell's pretty bad if you bring your nose near the macaroon. A cute accessory otherwise.

Panda Plush charm
This is maybe the cutest thing in the whole cute-cute box. 

Oh, now it's into posing for more pictures. Later baby panda.

Kumamon Plush Charm
It's a cute little coin purse as well, not just a charm!

But it can only ever hold, like two coins in it. Or maybe a pair of small earrings?

Cupcake Ring
It's really really tiny. Only fits on my pinky finger, but it's too cute for me to not wear it.

Korean stationery set
A cute Korean Popcorn Okitoki set with three cute 2B pencils, a sharpener and 3 erasers. I'm going to gift this to my little cousin.

 Rilakkuma Post-Its!
I love post-its in general. But ones with the adorable Rilakkuma on it? Gimme! Gimme!

Letter set with cute animals
I'll not be able to write on and ruin these. Too cute for that. I'll just keep the pack on my table and stare at it. Really.

 There were two envelopes and four sheets of paper.  The paper is long enough to be folded once and fit inside the square envelope.  I wish there were some more!

Kracie DIY candy kit
I can't wait to make this candy. It's all written in Japanese, but I'll figure out the instructions somehow. Maybe I'll do a post on this DIY candy as well.

Giraffe Leather Keychain
It's just adorable and a bit of a giant for a keychain.

But I absolutely love it. And it's now attached to my new Vintage Tan Leather bag, that I bought from Flipkart.

Ah! Panda loves it too.

The Verdict


All of these are actually of great quality, being authentic Japanese and South-Korean items, and not fake Chinese knock-offs. And I love the variety in the box. I've just ordered a few charms and accessories as well from Blippo (not sponsored or for review). Will post about them as well, as soon as I receive the delivery.


The Kawaii Box comes with free worldwide shipping. The delivery did take a bit long for me, a month and a half to be exact. But I didn't really mind that much. And the customer care executives they have are really fast in responding to queries and emails regarding the order, which is not very common with online shopping internationally, as per my experience.

The Packaging

The items came wrapped in pink kite-paper, with the stationary in their individual plastic packets, all put together inside a cardboard box. My box had gotten squished a little on the outside by the time I received it, but none of the items inside were affected. So, overall the packaging is okay and the presentation is really nice too.

Have you subscribed to any such boxes as well? What do you think of this?
Would you like me to do more of such reviews in the future? Let me know what you think!

If you have any questions or just want to say 'hi', leave a comment below or email me at doodlesdoodleseverywhere(at)gmail(dot)com

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post (I received the box for free; was not paid any money for the review though). But the views and opinions shared in the post are my own and are completely unbiased.  

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