Review | Obsession in Death (In Death #40) by J.D. Robb *9/10 Stars*

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Obsession in Death (In Death #40) 

by J.D. Robb

Page Count: 416
Published: February 10th, 2015

Source: I received a Hardcover copy in exchange for an honest review from the publisher (Thanks!)
My Rating: 9/10 Stars


Lieutenant Eve Dallas walks the thin line between love and hate in this fabulous 40th thriller from #1 New York Times–bestseller J. D. Robb…

A crisp winter morning in New York. In a luxury apartment, the body of a woman lies stretched out on a huge bed. On the wall above, the killer has left a message in bold black ink: FOR LIEUTENANT EVE DALLAS, WITH GREAT ADMIRATION AND UNDERSTANDING. 

Eve Dallas is used to unwanted attention. Famous for her high-profile cases and her marriage to billionaire businessman Roarke, she has learned to deal with intense public scrutiny and media gossip. 

But now Eve has become the object of a singular and deadly obsession. She has an 'admirer', who just can't stop thinking about her. Who is convinced they have a special bond. Who is planning to kill for her - again and again...

With time against her, Eve is forced to play a delicate - and dangerous - psychological dance. Because the killer is desperate for something Eve can never provide - approval. And once that becomes clear, Eve knows her own life will be at risk - along with those she cares about the most.

The verdict

Let me start this review by saying that I haven't yet read any of the previous books in the In Death series, so I read Obsession in Death as a standalone. And loved it. I didn't at all feel like I have to read the other books to be able to get this one.

The way these very solid (for lack of a better word in my head right now) characters and the complexity of their relationships has been woven seamlessly into the plot, had me sucked in instantaneously. I could not stop once I started reading and Eve's stalker-cum-admirer kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the book. 

I particularly liked the thrilling action and the drama apart from the psycho stalker's macabre offerings. I also loved how Eve's growth as a person is shown, interlaced with her role as a cop and her relationships with her friends and family.

All in all, I gobbled this hell of a book, just to find out it has only made me hungrier. I can't wait to get my hands on the previous In Death titles as well now.

Oh! And I'm a sucker for pretty covers (sorry, can't help it!). The hardcover is an absolute beauty. Worth drooling at the sight of, when you see it sitting prettily on a bookstore shelf. 

Check it out!

Happy reading!

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