Website Review | W.S.Dear Online Fashion Store

5:23 PM

The marketing team at W S Dear asked me to do a review of their online fashion store a few days ago. I went over to their site and browsed through the collection they have and was genuinely impressed.

Since they offered me to pick a small item and write a review of my shopping experience and later a review of the product as well, I placed and order and am now waiting for it to be delivered. I'll post a review as soon as I get it. Eeep!

Shopping experience

As for my shopping experience till now, from browsing through the collection to placing an order, it was actually quite fun, considering the website is very neat and easy to follow. The items are nicely categorized with further filters to sort the items by price, color, sale, discount, and so on.

For the clothing, apart from standard sizes, measurements in cm/in have also been provided so you can get the right fit. There's also free international shipping on all items, a 30 day return service and money back guarantee. 

I've placed my order and am now very excitedly waiting for the delivery. Let's see if W S Dear turns out to be as good as it looks. Do keep an eye out for the review. I'll post an update soon!

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