9 Trendiest Street Style Outfits for Summer 2015

9:30 AM

Man, it is hot here! How's the weather in your part of the world?

It's scorching or rather boiling here in New Delhi. I am a total Chai-Tea junkie, but these days you can always find me with a chilled mug of my favorite homemade Cold Coffee (extra strong). Or peach ice tea, if I can get it anywhere (did Nestle discontinue their peach flavored iced tea mix? I can't find it in any grocery store. Not even at the malls!).

Tasty drinks apart, I thought about compiling a list of my favorite combinations of everyday Street Style outfits to wear this Summer. Before we head on to the list, let me mention a general rule of thumb:

Always wear what's comfortable

It shows clearly in your body language if your outfit is uncomfortable (too tight, too long, too short, itchy, scratchy...etc). Wear what's comfortable, be confident and let your personality shine through!

9 Trendiest Street Style Outfits for Summer 2015

1. Crop Tops 

2. Letter Printed T-Shirts

3. Breezy Jumpsuits

4. That 'Borrowed from Boyfriend' look

5. Nautical with Stripes

6. Lace & Crochet

7. Cats (Yes!)

8. Ripped Jeans

9. Kimonos

Which ones are your favorite?

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