Review | Blue Sun, Yellow Sky by Jamie Hoang *9/10 Stars*

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Blue Sun, Yellow Sky

by Jamie Hoang

Page Count: 237
Published: December 11, 2014
Hey Jamie (Independent)

Source: I received an eCopy from the author in exchange for an honest review (Thanks!)
My Rating: 9/10 Stars


Hailed as “One of the best technical painters of our time” by an L.A. Times critic, 27 year-old, Aubrey Johnson's work is finally gaining traction. But as she weaves through what should be a celebration of her art, a single nagging echo of her doctor’s words refuses to stay silent—there is no cure. In less than eight weeks Aubrey is going blind. 

Traveling on a one-way ticket around the world with childhood friend Jeff Anderson, Aubrey is in complete denial. But a blindfolded game of tasting foreign foods in China jolts her into confronting the reality of her situation. So begins her quest. 

In this adult coming of age story, Aubrey starts out at odds with her crippling disability and has a hard time accepting help. But on her journey she finds a deeper understanding of herself and her life—sometimes fragmented and complex, but always with relentless truth. 

"A touching exploration of identity and reinvention painted with gentle yet precise brush strokes." --Kirkus Reviews 

"Blue Sun, Yellow Sky delivers a glimpse into the artistic process, a stunning globe-trotting journey, and the intimate portrait of mending a heart broken by life itself.” -- Indigo Wilmann, Visual Yarn

The verdict

I love, love, love this book. Blue Sun, Yellow Sky was like a breath of fresh air. The writing style is so beautiful and has such a level of maturity and grace to it, that made me an instant fan. I got hooked pretty much from the first chapter itself. 

I absolutely loved travelling with Aubrey. Hoang weaves words like magic. The narration and the descriptions were so vivid and colorful and real, I could see everything almost as good as if I were actually there. 

As if the beautiful writing wasn't enough to capture me, the deeply contemplative plot and all the travelling and the very real characters got me to finish this in one sitting. I just couldn't put it down. Another night's sleep gone, turning pages.

Stop writing awesome books people! Let me sleep!

No, please don't stop writing awesome books. You're awesome.
Seriously, write more!

If this is Jamie Hoang's debut novel, I can't even begin to think what masterpiece she's going to churn out next!

Happy reading!

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