May 2015 Release | Lying Spirits by Shaun Rane ~ Spotlight and Giveaway!

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Lying Spirits

by Shaun Rane

Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Thriller
Page count: 328
Published: 18th May 2015
Publisher: Independent/Self-published


During a relief trip to Haiti, seven college friends play a probing game of “psychoanalyze me.” When they’re finished, they begin to discuss how some disorders can get so out of hand that they take over people’s lives. 

One student mentions an extreme case he once witnessed, then ends with the chilling statement: “I tell you guys, it was scary. It’s like someone or something outside of them had taken complete control.” 

He was talking about being possessed. And there was no better place to see it in real life than a Haitian Vodou ceremony. 

But their evening of adventure turns into a night of torment. Soon after returning to the States, each of them begins to notice frightening changes in themselves and each other.  

The Loner, the Hoarder, the Hothead, the Control Freak…

“Lying Spirits” is a terrifying supernatural thriller that takes commonplace psychological problems and raises them to a new level of horror. 

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About the Author

After working many years in film and television, I realized that no matter how many talented people you had around you, the final project was always a series of compromises. That’s just a fact of production.

The beauty of books is that you’re able to hand your story directly to the audience. 

It’s the purest realization of storytelling: one that has no limits, no budgets, no scheduling conflicts and no location permits. And nothing paints a greater picture than one’s own imagination.

I believe where Drama and Fantasy can lift us up and make us feel bigger than we are; Horror—and its flip-side Comedy—is the cold water thrown in our faces to bring us back to earth. A visceral response is like dark chocolate; it’s good for the heart. 

I’m an avid gamer, especially fond of the “survival horror” genre. I have an MA in Film Studies and BS in Journalism. 
Lying Spirits is my first venture into the world of novel writing. My second novel will be out in fall 2015. 


Want to win your own copy? I have TWO eCopies of Lying Spirits to give away, and of course it's open internationally! 

Enter through the rafflecopter below to win. Ends on 20th June. Good luck!

*Update (9th June)
Seeing such an amazing response from all of you amazing DDE readers, Shaun has offered to give away FIVE eCopies of Lying Spirits instead of two. So there will be FIVE winners now. Eeeep!

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