Book Spotlight | Plucking Poetry from the Air by CS Reid

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Plucking Poetry from the Air

by CS Reid

“Plucking Poetry from the Air was written with the intention of inspiring teenagers to create their own original works,” said Reid, who is herself a poet. “Young adults who practice the discipline of writing are not only developing themselves creatively, but are also giving themselves the opportunity to discover their own distinct voices.”

Plucking Poetry from the Air follows the story of Calliope, a sixth grader who has trouble making it to school on time (she's always oversleeping and missing the bus) but wouldn't dream of missing her first period class, which is studying poetry and getting ready for the Shining Voices poetry contest, which was organized by the teacher, Mrs. Rutherford. Calliope faces some tough competition from one of her classmates, whose father is a well-known writer. And if that weren't enough, Calliope realizes she left her poetry journal in the public library downtown—the night before the contest! How will she get her journal back? She needs her journal, which holds all of her poems, to be able to participate in the Shining Voices Contest hosted by a local coffee shop noted for its support of the literary arts.



Calliope tossed under her bedcovers, refusing to open her eyes inside her sunlit-filled room. Monday mornings were always the worst! Soon, her mother would be pounding on her bedroom door, shouting: “Rise and shine, C! Rise and shine!”
It would make getting up an even harder endeavor.

Tap! Tap! Calliope recognized the familiar tapping reverberating from her bedroom windowpane. She forced one eye open and centered on two beaming faces, laughing hysterically through the window. 

The faces belonged to none other than Paisley and Stevie—her closest amigos since the first grade. The three friends knew everything about each other. Calliope sauntered slowly across the floor and pushed the window partially up. A cool breeze stirred the curtains, and Calliope wished she had stayed under the covers.
“Are you planning on going to school today, C?” asked Paisley.”

“Thanks, Stevie. That’s why you’re the president of my fan club. How’s membership?” said Calliope, smiling in a condescending manner.

“Three members and counting, yourself included,” chuckled Stevie.

“Well, you’re going to have to drum up some more members,” said Calliope, sliding her closet doors open.”

About the author

CS Reid holds a MFA in Writing & Critical Theory from Otis College of Art & Design; M.Ed. in Cross-Cultural Teaching/English from National University.

Her work has appeared in diverse publications—most notably are: The Truth About the Fact: International Journal of Literary Nonfiction Anthology, Shadowtrain, Blue Fifth Review, Burner Magazine, and Monkeybicycle; chapbook, Walking Near the Precipice (Lily Press, 2007) and ebook, Intonations Heard in the Desert (Gold Wake Press, 2008); YA book, Plucking Poetry from the Air (Paraguas Books, 2010).

Reid is a freelance writer, educator, and Jazz composer/musician in Los Angeles, CA.

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