The Red Dress Review c/o SheIn

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The Red Dress

c/o SheIn

So, as the weird caption says, here I am swirling like a princess. Trust me, that's all you'd want to do once you get into this gorgeous wine red gown. Feel like princess and swirl around the drawing room like a lunatic (at least that's what I did).

Jokes apart, after recently collaborating with SheIn (previously SheInside), I ordered from them again. And was left impressed. Again. The material of the dress is really soft and flowy and the lace work on the torso is somewhat heavy but also soft and very neat. The package took about two weeks total to reach me, with the 'free worldwide shipping' option. Neat.  

I ordered a size M this time. I didn't want it to be loose or droopy at all (I fall somewhere between sizes S and M). But it fits just a little too snug than I thought it would. Then again, I feel like I have put on weight in the past few weeks. 24/7 Stress sucks I tell you.

Get the look

SheIn Wine Red Dress | here

What do you think about the dress? Do you prefer gowns like this one or short light dresses? How about a SheIn dresses giveaway next? 

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