Traditional Lace Dress Review c/o Fashion71

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Traditional Lace Dress 

c/o Fashion71

I absolutely love the collection of dresses over at Fashion71. I've ordered twice from them and loved the outfits I got each time! Pardon me for the grainy picture above (poor lighting and phone cam)!

I ordered a size M and it fits just about right. The arms are a bit longer so I folded the white cuff portion back once (maybe it is designed t be folded this way). The off-white lace fabric has a very thin lining attached to it making it pretty sturdy and a bit heavy (not too much though). 

Then the dress itself has another inner lining that is very soft and helps give the dress it's amazing shape. It's very warm for New Delhi summers. I love that! I finally found a dress I can wear in a chilly weather without ruining it with layers of cardigans, shawls or jackets!

For quality, it gets a ten on ten. I love the length. I love the fabric. I love the stitching (all darts and details in place) and how it holds shape so well. I love how graceful it is.

I'm wearing the dress as a suit (traditional Indian wear) in these pictures actually, with a pair of off-white leggings to match the outfit. And those shoes are vintage. Borrowed-ahem-stole-ahem them from my mother.

What do you think of this dress? Yay or Nay?

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Off White Lace Dress | here
White Cutout Clutch | here
Gold Filigree Earrings | here

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