Interview with Courtney Psak, author of Thirty Days to Thirty

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Doodles, doodles everywhere congratulates author Courtney Psak on the release of her debut novel, Thirty Days to Thirty! Let's welcome her on the blog for an exclusive interview with DDE today. Read on.

1. How did you decide to write Thirty Days to Thirty?

Five years ago, when I was turning twenty-five, I realized a lot of my friends, including myself, started to get the 'quarter-life crises.' We were upset over the fact that we were not where we thought we would be by this point in our lives. What I started to realize though, was that when life happens, it's going to bring you places you never could've imagined you would be. In the process of trying to be a particular version of ourselves, we in fact, discovered who we really were. It made us all realize that it's not necessarily about the goals in life, but what you learn along the way. 

2. Can you give our readers an idea about what they should expect in the book?

This book is about a woman who thinks that she has it all, but then in one really bad day, it all disappears. Forced to move home for awhile, she comes across a list of things she wanted to accomplish before she turned thirty, which happens to be in one month. She realizes that items as simple as singing karaoke or getting a massage she has never done before because she was so determined to succeed in her career that she let everything else go to the wayside. Comedy ensues as she teams up with her no filter best friend and her old high school sweet heart who help her to accomplish everything on her list before she turns thirty.  

3. Can you tell us what kind of research went behind it?

It took about three months to write and then five years of constant editing and critiquing before I was comfortable enough to publish. It was basically asking friends what it was about turning thirty that seemed to be such a definitive number in everyone's minds. I wanted to write something that everyone could relate to, but at the same time, I hoped to send the message that really, age is nothing but a number.

4. How did you celebrate the first sale of your book?

It happened right around the time we were going camping in Lake George with a bunch of friends who all happened to be turning thirty, so we all got to celebrate the weekend together. 

5. Tell us about some of the biggest challenges or learning experiences you faced throughout the writing and publishing process.

It's funny to me how you can spend so much time and effort in the writing an editing of a book and then realize that was the easy part. The biggest challenge and continued learning experience for me is the promotion and marketing of a book. As a self publisher it's important to get your name out there. I think writers are at the best advantage now with not only the ability to self publish, but with social media making it easier to reach out to a community of writers and readers. 

6. What/Where is your favorite place to think or write down your ideas?

I think New York City has helped me come up with some of my best ideas. I love nothing more than putting my headphones in and just walking around. I constantly find myself watching others and thinking about what might've brought them to this point that has them crossing the street at that very moment. 

7. What do you do when you are not writing or reading?

I love to travel. If I'm not doing that, I love to be active so you'll usually find me skiing or hiking.

8. Being a debut author yourself, would you like to give a few tips to other aspiring authors? 

I wish I had decent advice to give, but the truth is I'm still learning myself. There is so much information on the internet about what you should and shouldn't do to promote your book that it can be very overwhelming. I would say do your research though. It seems easy enough to just throw a bunch of money at someone to handle, but I think it'll be important in the long run to be a part of the entire process so that you yourself can learn at the same time.

9. What's next?

More writing! I have two other books I've written. It's just a matter of deciding the right timing on those. 

10. Lastly, any special thoughts for the readers who are reading this interview on DDE?

 Thirty Days to Thirty's overall message is about making sure that in the process of reaching your goal, keep in mind that the journey there is just as important. I hope that readers will be entertained along the way while also getting inspired. I would really appreciate anyone who reads it, if they wouldn't mind writing a review. Fellow self publishers know how important that is to getting noticed.

Thanks everyone, and best of luck in your own goals! 

Thirty Days to Thirty

by Courtney Psak

What if you were on the cusp of marrying the guy of your dreams and reaching that career goal you set for yourself, only for all of it to be taken away in one fell swoop?

What if you then had to start from the very beginning, right down to moving out of the city and back to the suburbs to live with your parents?

What if this all happened a month before you turned 30?

This is the story of Jill Stevens who after thinking she is on the verge of making partner at her New York City law firm, winds up getting fired only to come home to her boyfriend cheating on her.

As she is settling back into her childhood bedroom, she comes across a list she made in high school of thirty things she wanted to accomplish by the time she was thirty. Sadly she realizes that there is barely anything on there that she’s actually accomplished, making her feel even more like a failure.

With the help of an old friend and a former high school sweet heart, Jill tries to get her life back on track by trying to accomplish the rest of her list in the next 30 days before her birthday.

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About the author

Courtney Psak is a New Jersey native who grew up with a passion for reading and writing. After traveling the world, she settled into New York City where she got her masters in publishing.

She currently resides in Hoboken with her husband spending her weekends adventure seeking through hiking, skiing and traveling.

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