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Blue Summer Blazer

c/o Coco-Fashion

I recently ordered a really awesome grey and white summer jacket from CocoFashion. But a few days later found out it had gone out of stock. I was give the option for choosing some other piece with the same value and then I went with this light blue summer blazer. The shipping took about four weeks total.

I'm sooooo glad I did! This is actually so much better! The color is actually baby blue with a hint of green. So it actually looks more 'minty' blue than just plain old blue.

The size is a free-size called 'one size' over on the website. I guess it would fit size S to L wearers pretty well. I fall somewhere between sizes S and M, so this fit me a little loose (which I liked). The fabric is very soft and light and it's pretty good for summers.

The dress I'm wearing is an old piece I bought from I-have-no-idea-where last year. And the boots I bought a couple of months ago from a new online shoe store (they now sell awesome bags too) called Street Style Store. They currently ship within India only, have free shipping on everything, and have COD too. It's a small business, but I absolutely love their collection (Nope, I'm not an affiliate nor am I being paid to promote them). 

What do you think? Do tell me your thought's in the comments section down below!

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