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Japanese Snack Box

September 2015

c/o Box From Japan

Box From Japan is a brand new Japanese Snack Box that launched just recently.  Each snack box has twenty items (including two DIY kits) and a special gift.

Furry little Chi-Chi will be posing with the various snacks today.  Look at him pose. You little narcissist, you!

Dragonball Heroes Snack
These tasted exactly like cheese flavored Cheetoes. Exactly like them. I love Cheetoes.

Youkai Punipuni Budou Gumi
Grape flavored gummy candy in cute character shapes, coated with powdered sugar. Yummy!

This was perhaps the best tasting, softest and fluffiest cotton candy I've ever had. Period.

Chibikko Pack Gum
These four little boxes had chewing gums of different flavors. I still have the orange one left. Nothing special really. They taste like regular gum. I like the little box packaging though.

Anpanman PerpPero Choco
I really really like Japanese chocolates. The flavors are all so rich and this one had - chocolate, strawberry and white chocolate - stuck together into this cute lollipop candy. It looked so adorable, I almost couldn't eat it. But then I bit a chunk off that face and there was no going back from the monster I had become! Mua ha ha (jk)!

DIY Asobo Sakana Tsuri
A fun DIY candy kit. It looks really cool but I'm yet to make it! I'll post about it, when I do.

Very small, but very crispy potato chips/wafers. These tasted okay. Not that awesome.

DIY Dolphin Umi No Gumi Zukan
Another fun DIY candy. I'm yet to make this and will post about it as well, when I do.

Chocomasyumaro Hello Kitty
These chocolate/strawberry jelly filled marshmallows are my second favorite candies in this box (right after the car shaped cola gummies). The softest marshmallow candy I've ever had!

Suppamucho Ume
These wafers were very confusing. They were salty, sweet, sour and spicy all at once. But very tasty!

Pokemon Chocolate Wafer
These chocolate filled wafers were simply delicious. Super crunchy, with rich gooey chocolate sandwiched between them.

Pokemon Candy
I liked the pineapple flavored chew-candy strips (the top one in the above picture) a lot. I mostly like all Japanese chewy candies like Puccho or Hi-Chew.

Oyatsu Karupasu
This salami flavored snack is the only thing I disliked in this box, though.

Tomikagumi Sport Car Series
These car shaped gummies are the best cola flavored candy I have ever had. Ever. They are so addictive and I got so sad when I realized I had finished them all in under two minutes. 

Hunter Meshi
This chewy gummy candy was sour on the outside and deliciously sweet with a hint of fizz inside. I loved it!

Free Gift
I also found a cute 'milk bottle' collectible toy (if it's an eraser, I can never bring myself to use/ruin it) as  free gift in the box. If not for the handwritten "Do not eat", I would have tried taking a bite out of it too!

I was disappointed to find three items missing from my box though - the 'Apollo Strawberry Chocolate', 'Fits Mario' and the 'Caplico Strawberry and Milk Chocolate'. I have only heard good things about this particular snack box and their customer service. I haven't even seen this happening with any other reviewers or any other subscribers I know. So this was a first maybe?

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