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by S.M. Guariento

Published on: 22nd October 2014
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace/Independent
Page count: 382


“The ridiculous, in particular, has the right to exist.” 

The time: an alternative present still ruled by Imperial Rome. Over half the world's people have vanished overnight, in a forgotten catastrophe known only as the Amnesis. The survivors share a common affliction: a pervasive sense of déjà vu, making the faces of strangers seem oddly familiar... 

Stranger still is the Paradigma: a formula devised by elusive magus Zerkalo Incarnadine, and delivered to Caesar in his underground fortress. Before long, the true power of the Paradigma begins to reveal itself. It can turn the written word into a force for creation – or destruction. 

When alchemist, intriguer and full-time rogue Andreas Stahlherz learns of the Paradigma, he is catapulted into an adventure that will soon see him fighting for his life. Darkly obsessed with the sister he has lost, and resolved to see her live again, Stahlherz must track down Incarnadine to find the answers he needs. His search will take him beyond the limits of the known cosmos – and further still, towards his own forgotten heart of darkness... 

A wildly original and gripping debut, INCARNADINE is a novel of murder, obsession – and transformation.

“Literary Science Fiction at its finest… like Neal Stephenson at his baroque best… Utterly original, this tale of the disintegration of reality in a Roman Empire that never fell is a must buy for the serious Science Fiction reader. If you enjoy Stephenson or China Mieville, S.M Guariento may just be your new hero.” – Mark Stockton,

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About the author

S.M.Guariento was born in London, England and educated at the Manchester Grammar School. After this he spent an instructive year in Leeds learning how not to be a dentist, before finally graduating from UMIST with a degree in Management Sciences. Since graduating he has been employed full-time in NHS Finance, where his affinity for the absurd finds a natural home. He spends his spare time obsessively re-reading the works of J.G.Ballard, collecting vintage film posters and listening to electronic music. He also enjoys bragging of his family connection with the 14th Century artist Guariento di Arpo, which scholars have yet to disprove. INCARNADINE is his first novel.

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