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Black Jacket Shrug

c/o WS Dear

I ordered a stash of Fall/Winter stuff recently and it is now starting to arrive. Gearing up for my favorite season! In this post I'm styling the 'Black Jacket Shrug' (at least that's what I am calling it) from WS Dear.

You might not believe me when I say this, but this 'Jacket Shrug' is actually supposed to be a just-above-the-knee skinny black dress, with a working zipper on the front. Maybe. For an eight year old petite girl it just might act as a dress. Note to self: never order 'One-Size' clothes online again. The shop does have an otherwise good collection though. 

As mentioned above, this was available in one size and looked a way cooler 'dress' on the model in the picture. For me, this is just a shrug. I think I'll be giving this one away or something. The delivery took a month total and the packaging was nicely done too. No issues there. The zippers are good and the stitching is well done too. The synthetic fabric isn't soft or even very breathable. Not good for either summer or winter, but okay for slightly chilly autumn days.

Get the look

Black Jacket Shrug | here
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What do you think? Like the shrug? Should I keep it or give it away? Do tell me in the comments down below. Follow me on instagram (@AparnaSingh27) for exclusive sneak peeks into the upcoming awesomeness!

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