Dear Little Ones by Jade Miller | Review *9/10 Stars*

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Dear Little Ones

by Jade Miller

Page Count: 58
Published: April 25th, 2015
Publisher: CreateSpace (Independent)
Genre: Psychology, Children's Illustrated, Non-fiction
Source: I received an eARC from the author for an honest review (Thanks, Jade!)
My Rating: 9/10 Stars


A book about Dissociative Identity Disorder, written for young alters.

The book helps young alters understand their experiences as part of a multiple system.

The verdict

Dear Little Ones was a quick, beautiful, heartwarming read. I have never personally known anyone with Dissociative Identity Disorder, especially not a child. But I have seen and realized how difficult everyday life can be for children with even the slightest bit of mental disorders.

This world we live in, it is a mean place. Period.

I especially loved how Jade Miller, in her beautifully simple writing, emphasizes on 'choice'. You can choose to talk if you want to or choose to stay quiet. You don't have to do things you are not comfortable with. I have always understood as a child and even now when I'm just about to turn twenty three, the importance of our choices. Knowing the simple fact, that you can choose, means a lot.

"You always get to choose."

So that struck a chord.

I feel it's better that a parent or an older family member reads this book to or along-with the child. Snuggled together in a safe, comforting and loving atmosphere. I think that's how the author meant it to be read.

It's a very warm book. Simple. Short. With beautiful illustrations. And warm.

About the author

Jade Miller is a blogger, artist and writer. Jade is a Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder) who is part of a poly-fragmented multiple system.

Just in case anyone missed it, I set up this fundraiser to raise the money to get Dear Little Ones translated into some other languages. There’s more details on the link above. It’s not a very high dollar amount and I’m hoping to be able to raise it pretty quickly and then I’ll get to work. Bless you. Cheers. ~J8

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