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Shopping Haul

c/o Rosegal

I ordered some accessories from Rosegal a little while back. Take a look!

This studded watch has a long strap that you wrap around your wrist multiple times, then fasten. 

I love how cool and vintage it looks. The quality is great too! This piece is available in four different colors, but I particularly loved this dark coffee one.

I also ordered a small utility box to keep small pieces of jewelry or loose beads I collect or small trinklets.

It's good quality and pretty sturdy too. The partitions slide out, so you can make a compartment bigger or smaller depending on your needs.

These alloy feather earrings come in two assorted colors. I wanted the gold ones with read beads in them, but got the silver ones instead. I really like these, but not as much as the gold version! Uh...

These tiny daisy ear pieces are so cute. The detailing looked slightly better on the website than on the actual ones, but I think they're adorable still.

Then there are these butterfly-tassel earrings.

They look very delicate and gorgeous on (both with hair tied up or left down). I liked the detailing and everything was exactly as shown on the website.

This owl pendant is my second favorite of the lot (for absolute favorite, see further below!).

I absolutely love the detailing on this and how delicate (yet pretty sturdy) it feels.

And here's my absolute favorite item of this haul. Just look at these beauties!

I can't stop staring at these. They are as delicate as they look though, so I worry about them falling apart if I wear them out. I love how the little pieces are put together. And the colors... perfect.

I am yet to use this nail art stamping kit. I ordered it after seeing all those gorgeous manis over on Pinterest. The tiny designs on the steel plate are so cute, I can't wait to try them on my nails. If it turns out any good at all, I'll maybe post a tutorial soon too!

Get them all

Leather Stud Watch | here
Small Jewelry Box | here
Silver Feather Earrings | here
Yellow Daisy Earrings | here
Butterfly Tassel Earrings | here
Vintage Owl Necklace | here
Peacock Earrings | here
Nail Art Stamping Kit | here

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Which is your favorite accessory out of the lot? Have you shopped with Rosegal before? Tell me in the comments section down below. Follow me on Instagram (@AparnaSingh27) for exclusive sneak peeks and updates!

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