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Tokyo Treat

PREMIUM | October 2015

c/o TokyoTreat

Tokyo Treat is a subscription box filled with assorted Japanese candies. Every month they'll send you a mystery box stuffed premium, full-sized candies from Japan. Treats in the box include savory snacks and the ultra-HOT Japanese candy DIY kits, which let you build your own sweet confection-creations! They offer free shipping worldwide.

Included every month in the PREMIUM box ($34.99/month) are:

  • 13-17 Full-size Japanese candy and snacks.
  • 2 DIY Candy Kits.
  • 1 Special Item (i.e. drink, premium DIY, ramen, high-quality Japanese capsule toy from Anime and Video Game series, etc) included.

Chocolate Animal Poo
This is such a funny candy! The packaging is animal shaped and the candy resembles animal droppings that pop out from the box. I wasn't very fond of the taste itself (it was just okay), but the packaging is hilarious!

Seven Stick Chocolate Cream
This chocolate filled wafer-stick snack was delicious. Japanese chocolate snacks (and gummies) are one of the best ones I've had.

Best jelly beans ever! Best! Enough said. And the box had so many (not a small sample sized packet). Still I ate them all too quickly. So tasty!

Ponske Ponchi Fried Snack
Fried, sweet, rice cracker-like snack. It was okay. But I would have preferred a salty version of this (if there is one), instead of sweet.

Wasabi Pretzels
These biscuit sticks were... unusual! The salty, spicy taste was pretty good but the biting aftertaste (wasabi flavor - Japanese version of radish) was a little too tingly for my taste buds. Still, I liked it.

Chocolate Flour Rice Cake
This was soooo good. And it was so much fun to make too! You just have to wet the rice cakes so they become soft and spongy. Then eat them with the awesome, creamy chocolate and the flour (had a nutty taste) provided in the kit. I loved it!

Chocolat De Corn
I have had caramel de corn. Didn't like it much. But this premium, chocolate coated version I loved! I just couldn't stop munching on these (big packet!). And there were yummy roasted peanuts in there too!

Neriame Stirring up Rain
This super-sticky jelly-like (a sort of sticky, fluid pseudo-solid... am I making any sense here?) candy is a traditional sweet often seen in shops during festivals in Japan. It was so confusing and funny to pick up with the little wooden chopsticks and eat! I just kept wanting to play with it instead of actually eat it. But it turned out to be quite tasty as well.

Real Grape Jellybean Mystery
This packet had grape flavored candies (sweet gummies, sour gummies, hard candy) mixed in together. I didn't like the hard candy much, but loved the gummies!

Marugame Noodle - Made Pretzel Tempura Over Udon
Based off of the renowned noodle shops of Marugume Japan, this tasty snack is a pretzel form of noodles. Unusual, delicious flavors. I liked it.

Kintsuba Yokan (SPECIAL)
This is a traditional sweet bean (like black kidney beans) jelly snack made from traditional Japanese gelatin. Often served in traditional Kyoto tea houses (as I read). Honestly though, I didn't enjoy this much. But I share all candy and snacks I generally eat with my friends (sharing makes everything taste better!), and they all loved it. Just not me.

Pokka Sapporo Pudding Shake
This looked, smelled and tasted exactly like vanilla flavored custard! Plus it had bits of caramel flavored jelly floating around. The jelly bits took away the smoothness that I tend to associate with a nicely made custard pudding, but it was tasty as hell.

Meiji 's Real - Grains Jelly Kit
So much fun to make. I spilled some. Ate/sipped some. Loved playing with the kit and making this, but the eating/sipping part was just over okay.

Pokemon Pretzels
These, I ran out of too quickly! The white cream coated sticks were so tasty, I had to remind myself to slow down and savor every stick. I want more! A whole truckload! And the Poifull jelly beans and chocolate stuff too!

Out of all the Japanese snack boxes I've tried so far, Tokyo Treat wins hands down. This is, for me, the best candy subscription box I've had yet.

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