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Blue Lace Dress

c/o Lixmee

Last month I ordered this gorgeous Plus Size lace dress from a new online store (at least new to me) called Lixmee. Go check out their collection of party dresses - I couldn't stop myself from drooling at my computer monitor.

The dress is from the Plus Size section, so I guess size S or M would have fit me nicely. But if you follow my OOTD posts, you'd know I prefer to go a few sizes up when buying apparel (even jeans, yes). If its loose and breezy, and I like it that way, I keep it that way, otherwise I alter it to fit me. So far, this has actually worked pretty well for me. Stores just don't make clothing in my size (and I know a lot of people who think the same!). Or maybe I'm just a tad too OCD and have a compulsive need to have everything custom fit? Who knows!

Anyway, so I actually went a bit overboard and ordered the largest size available (that too in the plus size section. Bah!). I went ahead and ordered a size XXL. As you can see, it worked pretty well for me in the overall length department. The rest, however, I altered to my size (somewhere between sizes S and M). So now it fits perfectly!

As for the make, design and quality of the piece, I'm very happy with it. Also, the packaging was done so nicely, in a box (and Ziploc and paper...). I absolutely love the soft, slightly shimmery, delicate-looking lace (and the comfortable black lining inside). If you want length (like I did), go a few sizes up (maybe don't go overboard like I did though), then alter the sides to get the perfect fit and the desired length!

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