Supernatural Bookmarks | Free November 2015 Printable

12:00 AM

Those of you lovely people who follow me on Instagram, would already know, the theme for this month's printable is... da da dah... SUPERNATURAL (big fan here, hi!)!

Once I start, I just can't stop talking about the super-rainbows-and-unicorns-awesome-kazawsome TV series. If you haven't already seen it, man you're in for a treat. I'm so jealous of you (you don't get to see Supernatural for the first-time-ever everyday, do you?). 

Okay, I'll stop talking. Here's a set of Supernatural themed printable set of bookmarks! Go ahead. Download them for free, share with friends, print and use them as much as you like (please don't dog-ear the pages anymore?).

Download them here

Supernatural Bookmarks

Included in the PDF are four Supernatural themed printable bookmarks, featuring:

- Sam
- Dean
- Castiel
- Crowley

Don't forget to share your happy photos using this printable by tagging me on Twitter (@aparnasingh27) or Instagram (@aparnasingh27). I would love to see your cool bookish pictures!

Have an awesome November!

P.S.: If you liked these, I have more. You lovely person, you... Here you go!

© 2015 by Aparna Singh. This free printable is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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