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Tea and Book Club

Subscription Box

c/o Bookishly

Bookishly's Tea and Book Club is a monthly book and tea lover's subscription. Every month, you get a package with assorted Tea, a surprise Vintage Book and some really cute Stationary!

I'm a total tea addict. I love coffee too, but if I'm addicted to something, its Tea (also books... and K-Drama... and Supernatural... and... okay a lot of stuff).

Here's the set of greeting cards I received in my package. 

And the "I read past my bedtime." bookmark. Badass, I tell you.

The surprise vintage book I got is Sweet Danger by Margery Allingham (I love classics, but not a fan of mystery/crime). This came wrapped in a map. Nice touch! 

Are you a booksniffer? I am. Oh GOD, I couldn't stop sniffing the vintage paperback. Although I do wish there was some way to choose the book (or maybe at least the genre?) that we get each month. 

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Bookishly Tea and Book Club

Are you a bookish collectibles fan? Use code APARNASINGH2710 at checkout to get a flat 10% off on your subscription (for upto six renewals!) This code can be used to order till 30th November only, so don't miss out!

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