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The Man in the Black Hat

by R. Kane

Publisher: R Kane Publications
Published on: July 17th 2015
Page count: 183
Genre: Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Fantasy, Thriller

His name is John and his existence is a true mystery to almost everyone in this world.

In 1929, with the advent of Steam Technology, great warships fly the skies alongside slow moving dirigibles and air trains hauling freight in long lines of box cars. The Protectorate, a single national force composed of the Army, Navy, and Police guards our borders and skies. Magi walk among the populace, wielders of great energy gifted to them by their Weavers, and Sky Pirates fight among the clouds on wooden man-of-war ships.

Yet the man in the black hat is just a rumor, a myth people whisper with a shake of their head. Some, who have met him, say he's a shaman, a walker between this world and the next and that he has a magic all of his own kind. Maybe he is an astral traveler, maybe he is magical, or maybe John's just a story like some decide.

Come and fly with us in this new adventure by the author of 'Ancient' and 'Runner'. Come and fly by the side of John Greywolf and his friends, Wahkan and Wally and Fade and Camille. Come and join a new world where Steam Tech and Magic rule, where with a slight change the history of this land as we know it has been altered.

Come and walk the path with 'The Man in the Black Hat' won't regret it.

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About the author

In a word, if someone forced me to use one, would be eclectic. I don't subscribe, follow, or otherwise allow myself to be associated with anything in particular. Sounds weird I know but I like it all because I can choose from it all. My music taste goes across the spectrum from country to punk, I eat all kinds of food from Southern to Moroccan, and I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction books. I love history and I'm insatiably curious about the future and new technology. I'm just a funny kind of guy, or so I've been told.

And I am fiercely independent. I barely tolerate working for others, but as my mother taught me eating and sleeping under a roof is a good thing which is why I do what I need to do at my job to pay my bills. Like mama said, being able to eat and live under a roof is not a bad thing. This though, these words of mine in a published format, I chose a different path to walk when showing these to the world. My independent streak is why I don't have an agent or a publisher or a boss with the exception of my guardian angel. I'm doing this my way, the way I feel is right in my heart and my soul and I won't answer to anyone about it.

So, if I haven't made you run for the hills yet then hang around. I promise a different kind of 'thing' if you do.

R Kane


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