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The Percipience Trilogy

by Ken Kroes


Publisher: Alberta 1779671 Inc.
Published on: March 14, 2015
Page count: 204
Genre: Eco-fiction, Dystopia, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, NA

Using an uncanny ability to harvest information to predict the future, philanthropist Richard foresees a dark future for the human race. 

This future is exacerbated by the return of cold-war-like tensions, sophisticated terrorist organizations, and new controls on information flow. 

He believes he knows what needs to be done to reverse the trend, but can it be achieved in time, even with the resources at his disposal? Should he turn to terrorism to make it work? And if he’s wrong, and his plan backfires, will it mean the end of most, or all, of the human race? 

In addition to espionage and murder, the story lays the foundation for a series of books that explore our social structure and partnership with the planet.


Publisher: Alberta 1779671 Inc.
Published on: March 15, 2015
Page count: 272
Genre: Eco-fiction, Dystopia, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, NA

With a do-now-and-ask-questions-later approach, Alec attempts to unravel the mystery of a radio signal that should not exist in a world thrown into the Dark Ages after the Great Loss. 

In a period of self-discovery, Lauren attempts to understand personal capabilities born of an experiment started 200 years earlier by a philanthropist whose goal was to solve the ultimate puzzle. 

Alec and Lauren and their ideologically opposite cultures emerge in a post-apocalyptic world and attempt to co-exist while racing to rediscover lost technologies, all on a planet still recovering from events pre-dating the Great Loss. The challenges within this story are not limited to the world of fiction and dare the reader to answer the real-life question: “Are we there yet?” 


Publisher: Alberta 1779671 Inc.
Published on: October 3rd 2015
Page count: 211
Genre: Eco-fiction, Dystopia, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, NA

Time did not dampen his need for revenge. If anything, in the years since the showdown between Epoch and Percipience, his commitment for vengeance was stronger than ever. Like a wolf watching his prey, he patiently waited for the right opportunity to strike back.

With the development of a new defense system for Percipience, Alec and Lauren thought that they would finally be able to concentrate on the challenges within their own village. However, an unexpected telepathic connection and a new riddle change all of that, leading them to the discovery of new technologies and the uncovering of an imminent danger threatening them, their village and the human species. 

As the story unfolds, the characters begin to realize the unthinkable. That Richard may have made a fundamental mistake when laying out his plans two hundred years ago. A mistake so significant that it may unravel their very way of life and perhaps may do the same in the real world that we live in now.


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About the author

“I write to not only entertain but to also challenge the reader to think.”

Ken Kroes is the author of the Percipience Eco-Fiction Series. He is passionate about our relationship with our planet and applies his diverse background which includes agriculture, mechanical engineering and information systems into developing fictional worlds that reflect real life issues. Born in Calgary, Canada he has bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has had the pleasure of living in many locations in North America and has traveled extensively. 


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