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Tokyo Treat

PREMIUM | November 2015

c/o TokyoTreat

Tokyo Treat is a subscription box filled with assorted Japanese candies. Every month they'll send you a mystery box stuffed premium, full-sized candies from Japan. Treats in the box include savory snacks and the ultra-HOT Japanese candy DIY kits, which let you build your own sweet confection-creations! They offer free shipping worldwide.

Included every month in the PREMIUM box ($34.99/month) are:

  • 13-17 Full-size Japanese candy and snacks.
  • 2 DIY Candy Kits.
  • 1 Special Item (i.e. drink, premium DIY, ramen, high-quality Japanese capsule toy from Anime and Video Game series, etc) included.
This is my second box from Tokyo Treat! I've already mentioned many many times in my previous posts how much I love Japanese chocolate snacks. And the November box, it seemed, was a Chocolate themed box! I can't wait to tell you all how much I loved this one! Aaargh!

Meiji’s Mushroom Mountain DIY Snacks
These biscuit like treats are shaped like kinoko (mushrooms), with chocolate on top. A fun and as all Japanese chocolate is, super tasty DIY snack. I liked it a lot.

Chilled Candy (Ginger and Honey)
A popular drink in Japan. I'm not fond of Honey at all (strange, since everyone in my family loves honey too much), so I didn't taste this. But by brother says it tasted like the sweetened version of the ginger/honey post workout drink he takes everyday!

Kracie’s Fun Ramen Shop
Kracie is known for recreating popular foods in sugar form. The awesome thing about this item is that you make it from scratch. You even get to make candy gyoza dumplings which is a perfect side dish. This soda and cola flavored kit even comes with its own mini dish and bowl. 

This was so much fun to make. I didn't know this was a sweet snack (I thought it was a DIY version of instant Ramen). I know you are not supposed to play with your food, but what to do when playing is this fun? And I really like cola flavor in candies, so that was awesome too.

Sato Petite Pack of Meiji Bamboo Shoots
This biscuit resembles a shoot of bamboo which is coated with milk chocolate to create a combination of creamy and crunchy textures.

See? Another chocolate snack. I gobbled these up before I could even take out the time to admire the cute packaging. Ha ha.

Doraemon’s Cup Chocolate
Lotte teams up with Doraemon’s publisher and creates this tasty snack to bring the fun to all fans of Japanese anime. 

Crunch crunch crunch... and they're gone too. Another chocolate/biscuit sticks combination that I loved.

12 grains LOOK (harvest à la mode fruitful)
This is an autumn, limited edition version of the LOOK chocolate, from Japan. These candies come from four different types of distinct flavors and 12 grains from Japanese farmlands. Flavors range from, “Kyushu Sweet Potato”, “Chestnut”, “Hokkaido Pumpkin”and “Shinshu Grapes”.

THIS. I can't even. 

I had to force myself to ration this box of chocolates. I let myself eat four per day (one of each flavor) and the box was empty by the end of day ONE. I cheated, okay.

I'm seriously not exaggerating. These tasted like bite sized portions of heaven in my mouth. Ah. I'll go crawl the internet now to find out if I can buy a huge crate of these chocolates somewhere. Gimme. 

Glico’s Capri Cocotte Strawberry & Vanilla
Glioc’s Capri Cocotte are bite-sized chocolates that consist of a rich milk chocolate bottom and creamy sweet strawberry chocolate top.

More chocolates. Do you want me to cry now? Because I think I will.

The vanilla/strawberry chocolate on top of the regular milk chocolate bottom was so fluffy and bubbly! Gimme more. More.

Kyooya Cherry Rice Cake
This snack has been a prominent part of Japanese snacking for a long time. Enjoy the 70 year long tradition of the Cherry Rice Cake treat that is both starchy and sweet.

I loved these little cube(ish) cherry rice cakes so much! They were like a less sweet, more textured version of chew candy.

Top Rider Drive Gum
Regular gum but very soft. Say, a softer and richer version of Center Fresh (I don't know if it's sold outside India).

Gummy Maru Takeshi Grilled Egg
Omelette flavored gummies. Who would have thought!

I'm not an omelette/egg fan either (so didn't taste it), but my brother absolutely loved it. Says it tasted like omelette flavored cake.

“Assassination Classroom” Sugar Cola Flavor Chewy Candy
Chewy-Gummy sour candy. Too sour for me! Also, I got lemon flavored one (not Cola flavor). I wish it was cola! But once I get past the super sour outer coating, the gummy is super tasty.

Glico’s Pretz Mild Salad
Crunchy savory pretzel sticks coated with a mild salad seasoning. 

I loved these. The light spicy flavor was so so delicious!

Meiji’s Curry Curls
Tasty and addictive spicy corn puffs. I loved the traditional Japanese curry seasoning. Surprisingly, it was quite similar to North Indian curry seasoning!

Yaokin Rice Cracker
Rice crackers (like Indian papad!) that came with spicy, sour sauce. They tasted okay. A little too dry for me. I liked the sauce though.

East Pigeon Pokemon Milk Snack
Sweet corn puffs. I liked these too. You get one special Pokémon seal (collectors item/Pokémon sticker) in each box. 

Just look at the packaging! I have a Pokéball thingy! 

Umai-Bou 3 Set

A classic small puffed corn snack. Each had a different flavor and I loved all three. The purple one had a spicy-cheese flavor that instantly became my favorite.

Once again, out of all the Japanese snack boxes I've tried so far, Tokyo Treat has been the best so far. The packaging, shipping speed (both the times I got the box within ten days total), shipping/tracking updates and the super tasty contents, all made this my personal favorite!

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