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Handmade Leather Bookmarks

c/o Dalamor

Those of you who know me from Instagram, you must have seen the sneak peek I posted about this shop recently. Dalamor, run by the talented duo Mary and Sam from Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada, is a shop that sells unique, handmade, genuine-leather products. The collection ranges from leather bookmarks, keychains, wallets and luggage tags.

"I've always felt the need to create and design stuff. I've dabbelled in cosplaying and costuming (and still do) and worked with various materials (from fabrics, to foam, to plastics, to whatever you can think of). However, I've really fallen in love with leather. The feel, the smell, the rugged look... it's all me and I love what you can do with it."

- Sam

I got these two leather bookmarks and I can't begin to describe how much I love these. Especially this insanely gorgeous 'Celtic Hearts' one.

Another picture (yes, that's my battered old copy of Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban).

Where the 'Celtic Hearts' bookmark wins at grace and elegance, this one wins at cuteness and smiles (just looking at it makes my face break into a smile).

The store just reopened after the Christmas holidays and there are so many new designs available. If you see something you like, take 10% off your purchase by using the code DOODLES10. Yup, perks of being a DDE reader!

Available on etsy

Handmade Leather Bookmarks here

DDE readers, get 10% off (valid till July 1st 2016)!
Use code: DOODLES10

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