The Incarnations of Joe by Timothy Weatherall | Review *8/10 Stars*

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The Incarnations of Joe

by Timothy Weatherall

Publisher: FriesenPress
Published on: July 8th 2015
Page count: 264
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy


Death has come to the woods surrounding an isolated northern mining town. 

It is the night of Christmas 1960, and what Joe Magister is about to encounter on the road will leave him forever changed and bring him face to face with his true heritage.

What he will come to learn is that no truth is as simple as what is taught in church. Angels and demons; Heaven and Hell; good versus evil—none of it is as it seems.

And when a marriage of old souls is put asunder there are consequences that must be paid.

The verdict

This book took me by surprise. And by surprise I mean, swept me up and slammed me against the wall (okay, not literally). There were so many moments where I had to put the book (or my Kindle) down, stunned, and think (sometimes out loud) - 

Did THAT just happen?!!!

The Key twisted and turned upside down, the concept of good and evil (Did I just join the Dark Side?). Good is somehow bad, and bad, as we find out, is actually good. It is scary and downright thrilling. I am not very fond of books with religious undertones, but found this one a refreshing read nonetheless.

I really liked how fast paced the story was, but at times it felt a little too fast and seemed to lack a certain flow between shifting scenes. Still it was easy to stay glued and keep reading just for the plot and the characters and to find out WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT? Joe, as a character, took his time (more than half the book). But he kind of grew on me.

Be warned, this book isn't YA (or maybe even NA?). It's Sci-fi/Fantasy, alright. But it's for mature readers (adults who like fantasy/horror WILL love it). With all that graphic violence and sexual content, I wouldn't really recommend it to teens. Oh, and if you're a Supernatural fan, go read this book while you wait for season eleven to start airing again (I NEED my Moose and Squirrel).

The Incarnations of Joe messed my head up, gave me some things to think about and now has me waiting desperately for the sequel. 


That night Father Sinclair and his chosen few who controlled all things were worshiped as though they were Gods themselves. It was a night when false hope was served to men who had little left to lose and who might seek a trial of life in a different place. I had spent time in the mines alongside these men.

Broken worn-down men whose bodies were twisted and bent by arthritis brought on by the years they had spent in the cold damp depths below the earth.Will felt it was necessary for me to learn to work and understand the mines and the men I would one day lead. I would have felt he wished me to die in those mines if he had a son of his own, but he had only me. The inability of Will and my mother to conceive a child was something that was often raised, even in my presence, when Will was drunk and filled with self-pity.

As the evening passed, the alcohol mixed with each person’s true nature taking away what walls they had built before they came to this place. Hate, anger, and deceit took hold of the night, leaving dreams, love, and compassion lost within the minds of most people.

About the author

Born in Collingwood Ontario, Timothy Weatherall spent most of his childhood on his family's farm in Simcoe County. Living the country life played a huge role for his love of nature, animals and family. Timothy grew up enjoying the company of his many pets, and using his own imagination more so than traditional youth activities. 

Now a married father of two, family life and being a strong role model for his boys is one of the most motivating factors in his life.

A passionate soccer player, and action sports athlete, healthy active living has always fueled his spirit and his imagination. While stories and dreams have always filled his head, his struggles to master written English had always kept him from documenting his dreams, until now. The Incarnations of Joe has changed all of that, as Timothy has finally decided to push aside his struggles and charge forward with his dreams. 

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