Multicultural Children's Book Day (Gimme-Jimmy) | Review *7/10 Stars*

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Multicultural Children's Book Day

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by Sherrill S. Cannon

Page Count: 32
Published: March 21st 2012
Publisher: SBPRA
Source: I received a Kindle copy from the author for an honest review (Thanks!)
My Rating: 7/10 Stars



How a Bully Learns to Share...

"James Alexander's nickname was Jim, But nobody would be friends with him. No one wanted to play with Jimmy, For Jim Alexander always said, "Gimme."

Thus begins the rhyming story of Jim Alexander, whose nickname was Gimme-Jimmy because he was a greedy and selfish bully. Imagine Jimmy's concern when he found that every time he said the word "Gimme," his hand grew larger!

Jimmy was happy to discover that when he was polite and said, "Please" and "Thank you," his hand began to shrink. He started practicing his new "Polite Rule" and found out that it was much more fun to share. 


The verdict

I found Gimme-Jimmy to be an adorable, original and hilarious read. It was funny how Jimmy learns to be polite to make his hand normal again. 

My favorite part was Jimmy's new polite rule:

"To try to treat others as I'd like to be,
To try to see things the way others might see,
To try to be helpful, and do what is right,

And to try at all times to be very polite!"

The illustrations are cute and engaging. I loved how the story is told in rhyme as well!

About the author

I am the author of seven published rhyming award-winning children's books, The Magic Word, Peter and the Whimper-Whineys, Santa's Birthday Gift, Gimme-Jimmy, Manner-Man, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece and Mice & Spiders & Webs...Oh My!

I have also written seven published musical plays for children which are available at Lazy Bee Scripts.

I am a magna cum laude graduate of The American University in Washington DC, and have been a teacher, photographer, publicist, stage manager, and a business administrator - as well as an author!

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