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Tokyo Treat

PREMIUM | December 2015

c/o TokyoTreat

Tokyo Treat is a subscription box filled with assorted Japanese candies. Every month they'll send you a mystery box stuffed premium, full-sized candies from Japan. Treats in the box include savory snacks and the ultra-HOT Japanese candy DIY kits, which let you build your own sweet confection-creations! They offer free shipping worldwide.

Included every month in the PREMIUM box ($34.99/month) are:

  • 13-17 Full-size Japanese candy and snacks.
  • 2 DIY Candy Kits.
  • 1 Special Item (i.e. drink, premium DIY, ramen, high-quality Japanese capsule toy from Anime and Video Game series, etc) included.
This is my third box from Tokyo Treat (with limited edition seasonal goodies)! I've already mentioned many many times in my previous posts how much I love Japanese chocolate AND gummy snacks. This month's box had both chocolate and gummy candies that I (aaargh! om nom nom) LOVED.

Meiji GOCHI Gumi Cola
Gummy candy. Cola flavor. Sugar sprinkles. THE BEST.
Give me a truckload of these and I'd be the happiest person on the planet right now. In addition to the cola flavor, these were slightly sour too, which added to their muchness (Alice in Wonderland reference). These were my favorite in this month's box (closely followed by the Banana chocolates).

Calbee Ken Fried Potato Ride
These popular chips are made using the unique Calbee’s “Kettle cooking method”, which is a the traditional cooking method used since chips were first made. They carefully deep fry thickly cut potatoes directly in a kettle. This way, it’ll taste as if they have been home-made. You will get a scent of roasted seaweed which makes it harder for you to stop munching.

True! These tasted so different from regular potato chips (I don't even eat oily potato chips anymore). Though fried, these didn't taste at all oily. Have you tried baked chips? These tasted like baked chips only crispier and lighter. I hadn't tasted seaweed before (*sobs* if only I can find some Korean seaweed soup somewhere), but the flavor on these chips was addictive. 

Meiji Cream and Caramel
I thought these were gum. But they were creamy caramel chewy candy! Oh, so so creamy, they would melt in my mouth so gracefully (if candy could be graceful, I would say that). There were meant to be shared and I've saved some to include in the candy prize pack that I'm giving away on my Instagram.

Meiji Banana Chocolate

Banana flavored, banana shaped, tiny bite-sized (no, smaller?) CHOCOLATES.

I have already said it too many times that I'm in love with Japanese chocolate. And now these come along. They're the funniest candies I've ever had - the packaging and the chocolate inside. And they're just too tasty to stop yourself from eating them all at once. Another favorite in this month's box!

Jilin Color Pen Chocolate
In India, we have candy coated mouth-freshener (Saunf) that looks like this exactly, sold in packaging similar to this. 

Tiny chocolate balls? And that pen actually writes on edible surfaces (like cookies or rice paper) and you can eat that! I'll be making some donuts this week and doodling on them with this. Mua haa haa!

Glico Mow Potatoes 
Or what I call, The Mean Potato.
See the mean look that potato's giving? Dude!

These pretzel sticks have a mild salty-butter seasoning to them. They were gone within like two minutes *crunch* *crunch* *crunch*

Tohato Fun Christmas Caramel Powder Snow
A very popular snack in Japan, these are sweet puffed corn crispies (in limited edition winter packaging). I've tasted these before in a variety of flavors and my favorite is still the chocolate coated one with peanuts (ahh *drools*). These caramel flavored puffs are mildly sweet and light and I finished the packet in under five minutes.

Matcha Collon
These were so so so good! The green-tea flavored creamy filling wasn't too sweet, which I loved. I like mild sweetness and most of these Japanese snacks have that. I love it that they're not overloaded with sugar! 

Meiji Cotton Gamusoda
Ever tasted Japanese cotton candy? It tastes like sweet clouds. Believe me.
And Japanese gum? Soft, juicy and loaded with flavor.

Now imagine them together. Sweet and sour clouds that vanish once they touch your tongue and now there's sweet and sour SODA flavored gum that you're chewing. YES.

Even my mum thought it was awesome. My neighbor's super-grumpy cat thought it was awesome (I didn't feed it to her, she just saw me blowing gum bubbles and mew'd thrice). Yup.

Lotte Star Wars Bikkuriman E123
In light of the new star wars movie, Bikkuriman has released a fun limited edition Star Wars chocolate snack. 

Aah another Japanese chocolate filled wafer snack. Needless to say, I loved it.

Majomajo Neru Neru
This month's DIY candy kit in the box. Neru is a Japanese word meaning “stir” or “knead”. I had so much fun playing with this. Not that much when tasting it. Tasted good (not awesome).

Colishya Little Puru Gums
I thought these were gummies at first, but they are actually gum balls with gummy balls inside them! Makes sense? Very much.

These had a combination of apple and yogurt flavors which just blew my mind. I couldn't share these with anybody (I share almost everything I eat). Sorry.

Riddle Puchitto
Another DIY kit, released by Kracie, it allows you to mix different flavors of both sweet and sour, orange flavored soft candies. This was funny, fun and tasty.

Snowman Ramune (SPECIAL!)
The special item in this month's box was this seasonal limited edition Ramune. Eeeep! look at the cute packaging. I drank a snowman! And it tasted like an improved version of Sprite or actually 'Banta' (you'll relate to it if you've spent your childhood in India). Yes, Ramune is exactly the Japanese version of Banta, complete with the glass bottle and that marble that you *pop* in to open it! This plastic snowman bottle is a limited edition version of it in lemonade flavor.

Just a quick fact, Ramune is a very popular beverage in Japan, and it comes in a variety of unusual flavors, including wasabi, kimchi, bubble gum, and curry. CURRY. I cannot die without tasting THAT *scribbles it down in her things-to-do-before-I-die list*


Once again, out of all the Japanese snack boxes I've tried, Tokyo Treat has been the best so far. The packaging, shipping speed, shipping/tracking updates and the super tasty contents, all made this my personal favorite!

And don't even get me started on Japanese packaging. Would you believe me if I tell you that I've been saving empty boxes of at least half of the snacks I've gotten in the Tokyo Treat box, just because of their super-clever, super-funny, super-cute and super-creative PACKAGING? No? Okay, I'll have to make a post on my collection, describing how super-awesome Japanese packaging is. Wait for it. One of these days. Just wait for it.

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