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A Tail of Two Kitties

by Dilland Doe

Page Count: 296
Published: December 5, 2015

War. Love. Politics. Life. Death. Passion. Meowllary Clawton. Meowgaret Scratcher. Napurrleon.

In a magical world where fairies bond with meowys, the Meowy Republic stands as a testament of meowy society compared to the barbarians that surround them. While the meowys are strong, are they unified? The Prime Minister has held together a coalition, but for how long? Meanwhile, mermen, centaurs, and creatures from across the southern sea pose threats to the Republic. Will it survive these trials, or will the days of fish and purrs be replaced by hisses and scratching?

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About the author

Why hello! 

My name is Dr. Dilland Doe, friends call me Dill. I'm just a man who loves to tell a fun story. I don't care if tears shed from your eyes.

Or spit shoots out your mouth as steam boils through your scalp. Or if you crack in half laughing.

As long as you feel. It's my job to make you experience emotion that takes your mind away from the stress or boredom of life. Now please, let me feel you... read my books. 



Two winners will get eCopies of A Tail of Two Kitties by Dilland Doe
- Open internationally!

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