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Foreboding Skies

(The Skybreaker Saga Book 1)

by Connor Taylor

Page Count: 201
Published: March 3, 2016
Thunderstruck Books
Genre: Urban Life, Horror, Occult

Rookie Shaman Dragomir is on his first long-term assignment in Detroit, USA. He must ensure that the barrier separating the mortal realm from the Expanse remains intact, or the world will face dire consequences. 

Amidst the backdrop of human suffering and urban blight a sinister cabal is determined to unleash horrors that haven't been seen in nearly a millennium, and it will take everything the young Shaman has just to hang on to his sanity and his life. 

Twenty-five percent of the proceeds will go to Colo-rectal Cancer awareness to fight the disease that plagues so many, including myself.

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About the author

I am a twenty-two year old college grad and I have loved reading more than anything else my entire life. From a young age I have gleefully devoured books of all genres but my favorites are sci-fi and fantasy. Books were and are my escape from the real world where I suffered for many years from major depression. I partially credit literature for keeping me alive.

My first novel began both as a way to combat my depression and as a way to contribute to the wonderful world of literature. I intend to write several series over the coming years from a variety of genres and I hope people of all stripes will be able to find enjoyment in my work.

I have recently been diagnosed with Colo-rectal Cancer and have spent a good deal of time in the he hospital. This will impact my maintenance of the website but it has not delayed the publishing of Foreboding Skies and will not delay my future publications.  

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