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Please Hold

by Tricia Stewart Shiu

Page Count: 148
Published: March 16th 2016
Publisher: Human Being Company

FOREWORD BY HULU CEO, MIKE HOPKINS - Underdog Hollywood Executive Assistant battles big budget boss and receives miraculous aid from an unlikely source—a shrine to Mary Tyler Moore. 

25 time award-winning author, Tricia Stewart Shiu's New Adult novel PLEASE HOLD, Winner of Best Unpublished Manuscript at the Southern California Book Festival and best first Chapter at the WildSound Festival, offers an insider’s look at the world of high-level studio executive assistants and one woman’s struggle to make sense of it all. Has she come a long way, baby? Only Mary knows. 

Not only does PLEASE HOLD offer a rare glimpse into the world of top tier gatekeepers, it also serves as a reminder that spirituality comes in many forms and no one should judge another before knowing the full story. Everyone’s journey to her own truth is layered and we all choose our path based on the highest form of guidance available. As we grow, so does our guidance. 

In this quirky slice of life story, Tricia Stewart Shiu, draws from her extensive experience as a veteran, high-level executive assistant at one of the top six entertainment studios in Los Angeles.

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About the author

Tricia Stewart Shiu is an award-winning author with 26 literary awards for her YA SciFi Mystical Adventure MOA SERIES as well as her New Adult novel, PLEASE HOLD. Ms. Stewart Shiu is also a recognized spiritualist and metaphysical adept.

While pursuing her spiritual, metaphysical and creative endeavors, she worked as a high-level Executive Assistant to CEO of NewsCorp Rupert Murdoch for eight years and subsequently for Chase Carey (COO, Deputy Chairman of NewsCorp/21st Century Fox) for eight years, as well. Ms. Stewart Shiu recognized a common theme with all of these major power players and now speaks to people about how to maximize their Influencer Quotient by tapping into their intuition.

While working for Mr. Murdoch, she started in order to create a place for people to cultivate abundance in their lives and reconnect with their spirits on every level. She began training people at Fox and decided to create her own unique process during which participants created a vision and action plan called Discover Your Brilliance. Her first client was E! Entertainment and they were thrilled with the results. Following her training success, she created an award-winning, 30-minute self-guided card sort deck and visualization recording called Brilliance Cards and CD.

Ms. Stewart Shiu's award-winning MOA SERIES—Moa, Statue of Ku, and Iron Shinto—sparked by her firsthand encounter with an ancient Hawaiian spirit, takes readers on a journey of exploration through her world of spiritual healing. Each chapter of the books begins with a meditative ritual that pertains to that chapter.

Later, she expanded the MOA SERIES rituals into a non-fiction series called the GATEKEEPER’S GUIDE Books and Audio recordings.

PLEASE HOLD is her seventh book and features a foreword by Hulu CEO, Mike Hopkins. Ms. Stewart Shiu draws from her years as a high-level executive assistant in this award-winning, New Adult novel which follows an underdog Hollywood Executive Assistant, Sarah Marks, as she battles a big budget boss and receives miraculous aid from an unlikely source—a shrine to Mary Tyler Moore.

Tricia lived in Philadelphia, PA and Overland Park, KS before moving to Venice, California where she lives with her husband Eric and their daughter Sydney. Tricia has a BA in Psychology and French from Baker University.


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