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The Millennial Reincarnations

by Daniel M. Harrison

Page Count: 297
Published: August 25th 2015
Publisher:  Publick Media Publishing


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When over the course of a decade a group of high society New York and Shanghai millennials are forced to question whether their shared experiences mean they are here on earth for a higher purpose, the answer becomes resoundingly affirmative. 

With spellbinding prose and a unique sensitivity for the insecurities, desires and needs of the Millennial generation, Daniel Mark Harrison has written a novel like no other out there. The Millennial Reincarnations goes to places that neither satire, romance or thriller today dare venture, harking back to a period of mid-18th century and early post-modern literary experimentation, reminiscent of masters of prose such as James Joyce, Anne Cécile Desclos and Donatien Alphonse François. 

Like the great voices that challenges the status quo in order to capture the subconscious zeitgeist of the era, in The Millennial ReincarnationsHarrison paints a portrait of the areas of the human mind that are forbidden to novelists of the day. In doing so, he captures a deeply sensual and alarming innocence of mind, showing us most of all what it means to be Millennial, which he describes as "an entire generation at once emotionally detached and dependently wealthy."

Harrison explores in explicit fashion where our first ideas and personal fantasies have taken shape in this new virtual era, demonstrating in a uniquely lyrical context explicitly how these experiences have come to define our principles of love and hate, pleasure and pain, and loyalty and betrayal. 

With reviewers calling the book "easily the best ... this year ... Stephen King-meets-Phillip Roth" (Huffington Post) and "complex, rich, and engrossing all in one ... a unique five star read read" (Mid West Book Review), "ambitious" (Il Figlio) and "required reading" (Jeffrey Robinson, #1 NYT Bestseller) where the "female characters ... are Katniss-style strong" (Bustle), The Millennial Reincarnations is turning out to be nothing less than a cult classic for the Millennial era. 

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